A picture I submitted to J.Tamaki’s contest. It didn’t win, but who cares, it’s the motivation to draw that counts and great big thenkews to Jillian for that (I really liked the pro winner and the one that goes right after mine, so sweet & charming). If no-one quotes you, quote yourself (email, that is):

“It depicts an ancient Poldevian tradition of burning post-it drawings of curious creatures accumulated through dull summer jobs. Usually performed on August 28th (29th if you’re left-handed).”

I usually draw with a beat-up size 0 brush because it’s the cheapest, but yesterday a (free) fat #4 came into my possession and today I tried it out. I was mildly shocked by the amount of control it offers–the thing is strong and bouncy and straight lines are as easy to make as with a metal pen, though it lacks the spontaneous variety of small flexible (and insanely hard to control & master, it often feels like drawing with an old man’s chest hair) brushes. And my sketch turned out slightly Beto-esque. I think I’ll try to stop being such a miser and buy a #2 that most normal people use. In some not-too-distant future..

All right, done scanning the sketchbook, I think there’s enough material. I uploaded all the pages to my sketchbook page on bluebed.

A couple of questions:

jingology asked you:*breaks out into an uncontrollable amount of sweat* Ok so, i really don’t know how to even begin to describe how fantastic your work is, your inking is fluent and your attention to (minimal) details is just fabulous. I honestly love your persona, so i’m not gonna try to cheer you up or give you a lecture on how you should change your attitude, i think it works (it is after all that push that makes you move).Sorry i took my time with the previous message, wanted to say that seeing how you love european artists i think you should check out Charles Berberian’s work, Baudoin (incredible artist and storyteller), Bastien Vives (dans mes yeux), Baru, Joann Sfar (i’m sure you know him), Loustal, hmm i’ll think of the rest and i’ll update you. Thank you for your time kind sir :)

Thanks so much for your kind words, I’m glad you like my stuff! And thanks for the list of artists, I’ll have to take a closer look when I have a moment, there are some new names. I’ve read some Dupuy and Berberian stories published in Drawn & Quarterly anthologies, great stories and beautiful art! There’s a certain comforting sweetness to them.

soosixty asked you:you wrote that Jason is your favorite cartoonist, but I think you’re better than him <3

NO NO NO, you’re WRONG (but thanks)! I’m one of the miserable people who have to polish their storytelling impotence with fancy brush lines and obscure smarty-pants references. Jason is pure genius, his language is lucid and beautiful. I can go on for ages, so I should shut up while I can. I recently bought this print of his by the way, what a beauty.