Day 31: A Message to Andrew Hussie

I’M JUST REALLY GLAD I READ HOMESTUCK!!! I’ve really had so much fun being a bigger nerd about it than I’ve been about anything for years, but most importantly, it’s been responsible for like 90% of my friends in new york! honestly, I was pretty lonely at the beginning of last school year and now suddenly I have this big pile of friends to bake with and do homework with and it all started with secret homestuck messages in the elevator. :’)

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: sarah, emily (who also posts on capslock w/ sarah), ME, hannah, aatmaja, and kat! This isn’t even counting the non-homestuck friends I’ve made through these guys (like simone, amanda (who is now a mostly-homestuck) and kjersti) and uhhh probably other people i am forgetting) and let’s not forget the bunches of friends I’ve made on tumblr!!!

31-day Homestuck Fanart Challenge


If you are one of these people and I am not following you, you were really cool and I need you to find me! Fiiiiiind meeeeeee. (this is stuffed dead dream jade)

I am also looking for a Kanaya and Jade from waystationstuck; they got off the train with me and were really sweet. Alas, no pictures.


Dave and Tavros act out a pesterlog. Shit gets real.

Comic by inksteaks on Tumblr! (…)

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