So today I met one of my idols, Amandeep Singh aka Inkquisitive Illustration at a Mela (festival type thing to all my non Indian followers) in Birmingham, UK. He was the nicest and most awesome person I have ever met and it literally made my life meeting him. I did get photos with him but obviously I’m not gonna put them up due to safety issues and stuff but he is gorgeous af irl 😉
I do realise most of you won’t give a f bout this post but honestly I do recommend you check out his work because he has got real talent (as you can see from the pics above) and, if you are not from an Indian background, he does a lot of editorial work on celebrities, movies ect.
Ok I just realised this sounds like an advertisement IT IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT!!!! I’ll be back to my normal posts tomorrow I promise this was only a one off x 😘❤️