Inspired by some of the comments on my colored drawing a few posts ago of Wonder Woman, I’ve gone ahead and updated the outfit (and the drawing). No more boob armor, guys. You’re welcome, her sternum is safe.

The funny thing is, I actually went out to make her design non-sexualized and entirely functional, ala a lot of male superheroes, with cues from gladiatorial outfits especially, but I just sort of derped out on the chest last time. Old habits die hard, I suppose! *curses high school*

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“Arctic Monocerus” by Emma Lazauski :: watercolor, 4x6″

With the narwhal’s tusk being a part of the unicorn legend I felt they were the perfect aquatic creature to blend with a unicorn to create a hippocampus/merhorse.

It’s been very hot here on and off over the past few weeks. I’d definitely like to take a nice cool swim, myself.

Also! This painting will be part of an upcoming original art auction event in July with Changeling Artist Collective, a group I’ve just joined!

inklingart replied to your post “I finished Hunter x Hunter (2011) a month or so ago and I just…”

I keep hearing good things about that show, guess I’m going to have to watch it. :D

I’ve seen a lot of anime but nothing has impressed me as much as this one did. It’s funny, because I’ve been aware of HxH’s existence since 2003, and while the Madhouse series didn’t start until 2011 I still can’t believe it’s been under my nose this whole time. I even watched the first episode, stopped, and didn’t pick it back up for a year because it didn’t really grab me at first.

Netflix has the first 110 episodes subbed and then you’ll have to go the or streaming website route for episodes 111-148 (i recommend nyaa for getting high quality, the animation is beautiful and it deserves better than 360p).

They started dubbing it but as usual it sounds low budget and amateur. The Japanese voice actors are so incredibly talented. Megumi Han (plays Gon) is probably my favorite seiyuu now.

Hey followers! I’m going to be at Raleigh, NC’s Animazement again this year after the amazing showing that happened last year, and I’ll be bringing a lot of new art with me! Here’s a preview of some of the pieces you might get to pick up. 

As another surprise, the table will have both 11x17 tabloid prints *and* postcard-sized! Get ready!

Everyone in the vast internet! It has happened! Years in the making… I have decided to go ahead and draw some of my own Pokemon’.

This is my first evolution line. We have:

Cenisar, the Toxin Starter. He’s a cute little reptile with quills filled with paralytic toxin- on his body for defense and on the tip of his incredibly long tail for aggressive long-distance attacks. Cute little guy, huh? Take THAT, Bulbasaur, and your little bulb of pollen. (Just kidding, I love Bulbasaur!) Cenisar’s name is an anagram for Arsenic, too, so that’s cool. 

The second, the evolved form of Cenisar, is Cyeadin, a very poor anagram for Cyanide. Now larger and faster than his initial form, his quills are also able to shoot out from his skin in a display of agression. They contain powerful neurotoxin, deadly to all but the largest creatures. 

The final form, the evolved form of, Cyeadin, is Cemlokh. In its final form, this Pokemon awakens as a psychic being, allowing for powerful telekinetic abilities to take hold. It floats, now using its four legs as arms. The quills that once shot out of the body aggressively now float as a poisonous barrier along the length of it instead, rotating slightly in a hypnotic pattern. His name is an anagram for Hemlock, because I’m super clever. >>;

So, should I make more custom Poke'mon? It was a fun little thing to do for certain! 

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I’ve always loved the Sliver token from Legions by Tony Szczudlo… there’s something about the pink-skinned sliver in front of a forge that always stuck with me. Though it’s a little cutesy, I do admit. For lunch one day I decided to sketch that same sliver, albeit a little more menacingly, and today I turned it into a modern token! :) 

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Quick morning sketch for everyone that’s a big call-back to my highschool game of choice: World of Warcraft. My first character was a night elf druid named Diamondblood, and you bet your ass I went crazy for bird form. It made soloing (my favorite thing, haaa) even easier in dense areas. Kill kill kill, pop to bird in an instant before the next mob comes, rinse and repeat. This is the night elf druid epic bird form, in all its purple glory. 

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