I want to be your favorite person. I want to be someone who is more than your friend. I want to be someone who you can tell everything to, it can be from the smallest bits of your life to your biggest detail of yourself. Tell me your favorite dish, tell me why you cried the last night I called, tell me where your moles and birthmarks are, tell me who’s the friend you lost and what happened, tell me the people who broke your heart, tell me everything. I want you to share your secrets you never told to anyone – your dark side. I want to know your thoughts and dreams, everything about you, everything that builds you. I want to be that person. I want you to open up and comfort you every time something or someone upsets you. We could go for hours talking about yourself, I don’t mind. I’d be glad to listen to your voice and just listen to every word you’ll say. I want you to trust me.
Boys I’ve kissed:
1. I don’t regret it but my god why did you have to be the first one.
2. Every moment I spent with you was another scar on my heart.
3. I don’t remember it and probably you don’t either and that’s okay.
4. Once upon a time I thought I was going to marry you, but now I’d do anything to take those years back.
5. Friends don’t do that to friends.
6. You’re the first boy who ever broke my heart, I’m scared that I’ll never find another man like you and what happens if I never do.
7. I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care.
—  4am
Did you have to do this?
Anatomize me, rip
Resolve, a hunter’s cry
Like ballads, impale my
Strength, shred me with those eyes

Feed me droplets of futures
Like grapes, like I’m a queen
Drizzle me in caramel love traps
Like fingers dipped in rivers
Like a never seen summer
Like I haven’t just died
Bursting pyre of only yours

—  @katrinnac

As I looked out my window, the sun was setting and it reminded me of you.

It was beautiful. I can see the sun just slightly peeking over the clouds. The sky was filled with all these lovely colours - it was breathtaking. But slowly, the calming and beautiful colors turned to nothing but darkness.

And it hit me - it was you. You rushed into my life and lit it up. You showed me a glimpse of life’s beauty. You made me happy. And I fell for it, god I did. I loved you with everything I had. And with the snap of a finger, you were gone. You disappeared behind the gloomy clouds and my world was dark once again.

—  LA // excerpt from a book I’ll never write