I never understood
why the colour Red
symbolizes both love and danger,
but then I fell in love with you
and build my life around it,
therefore I realized
that everything will crash
when you leave.
—  // and you’re not even mine

Anon asked: I’m a new Tarot reader. Any advice?

You don’t need to steal your first deck
or have it gifted by someone else
It is perfectly okay to not use Rider Waite
and purchase a different deck for yourself.

You won’t learn all the cards
in one night.
It is okay to ask your own cards
for advice

There will be mean people who will convince you
that you are reading Tarot wrong
that you “have to” learn every esoteric meaning
behind the cups, swords, pentacles, and wands.

Mean people will try to discourage you
and have you believe
that getting paid for your services
is based purely on greed.

Don’t allow these bullies
to have you question your worth
You have the say so on what tarot reader you’ll be
You’ll learn overtime what does and doesn’t work. 

The relationship with your cards
does not have to be explained.
Take care of yourself and your needs too.
Readings can sometimes leave you feeling drained.

You will learn and grow
make plenty of “mistakes”
Don’t forget that it’s perfectly okay
to put the cards away and take a break.

Don’t forget to have fun
while you learn
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Be your own authority. Read on your own terms.

And if for nothing else
I want you to remember
This is your journey
Enjoy this Tarot adventure.

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Title: I’m A New Tarot Reader Any Advice?
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2016
Deck: The Druid Craft Tarot
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you can’t be saved so
you revel in the hate
of the world that you
never learned to relate to

you dance with fate so
you revel in the faith of
a soul that never learned
to embrace you

with no place to escape to
with friends resorting to
what snakes do and scrape
you but at the end of the
day you can only be thankful

because after they tried to erase
you and cremate you completely
decimate you – you learned to use
their hate as fuel and to be grateful

remaining true to you never allowing
their shades of gray to shape you into
a fake you & surrendering to the universe
to see where it will take you

Sometimes it feels like I could find all the answers to the universe in your eyes but you would never even let me close enough to get a glimpse of that happiness.
—  // a truth