My Miraculous Fic Recommendations~

(I apologize for the long delay! I intended to have this posted a week ago, but got caught up with holiday/family things, working on my comic, and a having a cold! yikes >_<’)

As requested, here are some really awesome fics that I have read, or currently reading (in no particular order) that I think everyone should take a look at if they interest you, and if you have not already read them!

Teen and Up:

How to Fail at Dating a Superhero by emerald_moons - (complete) A fic that examines what happens after Adrien bids on Ladybug at a celebrity auction and wins a date with her. Things spiral out of control after that when he’s torn between how she feels about both his identities.

Truthful Scars by @frostedpuffs - (complete) A wonderfully fluffy story about Adrien discovering his feelings for Marinette, and doing his best to become closer to her as both himself and as Chat Noir.

The Tendencies Series (Obsession, Glaze, Quiver) by @kryallaorchid - (complete) A truly remarkable series of stories that encompasses an unbelievable expansion upon the miraculous magic and the growth between all of the characters. A very long read, but worth every moment with the amount of detail and emotions incorporated from start to finish.

My Last Thoughts are of You by @skaylanphear - (complete) An incredibly moving story that is raw with the painfully intense feelings of Adrien, as he is faced with gut wrenching possibility of almost losing Marinette and Ladybug from a horrible accident.

Telltale by Zizzani - (complete) After Ladybug is slightly injured from an akuma, she pieces together who Chat Noir really is. Meanwhile Adrien also notices Marinette like never before, and they grow closer as friends and more, until things threaten to keep them apart.

Pick-Up and Chase by SKayLanphear - (almost complete) A light hearted and flirty story featuring a very flustered Adrien. When Marinette discovers Chat Noir’s interest in someone using pick-up lines on him, she starts saying them to Adrien, and the poor boy doesn’t know what hit him.

Miraculous Beauxbatons by @inkjackets - (in progress) A very interesting Harry Potter crossover au that creatively mixes the origins, episodes, and characters with the HP universe and Miraculous magic. Instead of placing them at Hogwarts, they meet at Beauxbatons school of magic and witchcraft, where all of the show’s paralleled adventures take place instead. (which makes a lot more sense since they are in France after all!)


Porte-Boner by @abadmeanman - (in progress) This hilarious story, filled with ridiculously perverse innuendos is an on going masterpiece of comedy. As well as the brilliantly described farce, the sweet romantic moments between Adrien and Marinette are just as touching and heartfelt to read.

Serendipitous Fate by @skaylanphear - (in progress) An incredibly epic tale following the end of canon season one. This fic is often recommended, and with good reason. The beginning may be calm, but it quickly becomes a dark and intense story focusing on the character’s connections, intimacy, friendships, and learning about some miraculous history.

Découvrir by Yilena @xiueryn (in progress) Non-miraculous or magic AU, Marinette knew she used to have a childhood friend that lived next door, and he was a celebrity actor named Nino. Unfortunately she suffered from amnesia after an accident as a child, so when she starts reuniting with her friend once again, she may have made a mistake in who she thought she was e-mailing. Adrien on the other hand has never forgotten his feelings for that little girl he used to play with.

A Beautiful Mistake by @maerynn-blog - (recently completed!) Non-miraculous or magic AU, Marinette intended to message Alya early in the morning, but it gets sent to Adrien instead. From there, a touching story unfolds with Adrien and Marinette unknowingly growing closer through anonymous texting as they also reunite years after graduating, and begin working together. Marinette faces a painful scar of her past in order to move forward with her heart, but luckily Adrien’s affection and acceptance is what she needs to heal. [ ;D I saw you Maerynn!]

A Werecat in London by @i-am-thornqueen - (in progress) I am so excited for this fic to continue!! An amazing and gorgeous world-building tale outside of the miraculous universe featuring werewolves, witches, demons and much more magic beyond that. During a summer in London, Marinette and Adrien are caught up in a strange magic mix-up from an akumatized witch, that causes Adrien to fuse with Plagg and become a werecat when he loses control. Now his senses are overwhelming, and Marinette smells so much sweeter than he’s ever imagined. Possibly the key to helping him will be when he and Ladybug can finally be on the same wavelength. [please don’t stop writing this, I love it!]

Bare Necessities by @reyxa - (complete) Marinette is a student at University Art School taking a figure drawing class. So when Adrien walks in her class one day as the model they are going to be working from, she realizes that he’s going to be posing nude, and she’s seated right in front. Despite the embarrassment from both of them, they hangout and grow closer, with Adrien helping her art progress in secret. This makes things between them even more interesting when they still have to be crime-fighting partners as well, and Adrien’s nude modeling job may come back to cause problems later.

Explict: *cough*

Allez Savoir Pourquoi  and its prequel Amour Fou by Yilena @xiueryn - (complete) A non-miraculous AU, Marinette wasn’t sure if she believed the legend of seeing your soulmate in the mirror, until one day she did see him. For many years she watched him, not knowing who he was till she meets Adrien at his newly opened cat café, and suddenly decides to work for him. Then the prequel from Adrien’s perspective: he sees a photo of a girl named Marinette, and he never thought he could be infatuated with someone simply from pictures before.

Lady and the Tomcat by SKayLanphear - (in progress) [I like a lot of Kay’s fics sorry] Marinette is starting to experience ladybug pheromones and mating cycle for the first time, which wouldn’t be so bad, except for how it’s going to affect Chat Noir when he starts to feel the heat. This fic has only a few chapters, but promises to be filled with amazing amounts of subconscious attraction and tension!

I promised @inkjackets I’d post this yesterday but I ended up spending all day in the kitchen for my mom’s birthday, hahaha

Marinette and Adrien goofing iff in Beauxbatons’ library instead of studying. Of course you’re just friends, Marinette. Of course you’re not attracted to her, Agreste. Don’t be silly.

(These two will be the death of me)
ML beauxbatons au☄