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I bet they just gave up on that because of AJs heel turn. And right now if Kaitlyn doesnt face Tamina shell face who?

Alicia is supposed to be heel I guess but in diva land face and heel seems to mean nothing anything. Naomi is possible as well but shes with Brodus or they could turn Layla heel again maybe? I've resigned myself to the fact that Nattie won’t get near it again so I dunno I just don’t like Tamina :/

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1. Do you daydream a lot ? Actually not, too much sleepy for this ;~;
2. If you could built a time machine would you go to the past or the future. To the past, I guess. IDK, could I come back again if future wasn’t that good?
3. Your favorite band. the GazettE
4. something important to you. Family, peace of mind.
5.  A fav food. Pizza
6. your fav song. Cassis 
7. your eyes color. Dark brown
8. A luck number. Six
9. Do you believe in superstition? Not really
10. something you wish you could be good at . Relationship. I only had/have/will have relationsink. 
11. When is your birthday ? 26/december 

my questions.

1. A movie.

2. A tumblr.

3. Are you happy or sad right now?

4. Zodiac sign.

5. First real name.

6. Fave character.

7. Fave music.

8. Where are you from?

9. Any pet?

10. Your birthday.

11. Ughh IDK it’s kinda hard, IDK, tell me something random. 

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