130519; Jimin’s Tweet

지민입니다 ㅎㅎ 지금 한창 촬영중이에요 의상은 비밀이기에 가렸지요 ㅎ 조금만 더기다리세요! 곧보여드릴테니까용~ ©

I’m Jimin hehe. It’s the highlight of the shooting now. The outfits are a secret, I blocked it he. Please wait a little bit more! Since I’ll be showing it to you soon~

드디어 저희의 첫 뮤비촬영이 끝났습니다! 짝짝짝! 3일이 눈 깜빡하니 지나가네요ㅜㅜ저희 예쁘게찍고 돌아왔어요! 홈페이지도 오픈하고 이제 정말 얼마 안남았네요>< ©

Finally, our first music video filming has ended! clapclapclap! 3 days went by in a blink of an eye ㅜㅜWe returned, having filmed beautifully! Even the homepage has opened, there’s really not much time remaining><

130519 USJ INFINITE 엘&성종[cr: typhoon0zo6yh]

130519 Tweet

뮤직비디오 첫날 촬영을 끝내고 경기도 광주세트장 근처 숙소로 도착했슙니다 내님들아 응원의 메세지 씨워놔게 주세욧!! 오늘도 화이팅!!

The first day of shooting for the MV ended, in Gyeongido near the set in Gwanju, we arrived at the hostel. Send us messages of support!! Today too, fighting!!


여러분 잘자요. 니엘아 잘자라.

Everybody, good night.
Niel-ah, good night.

@AH_NIEL_: @teentopbang 아오!! 진짜~!! 머리저럴때만 찍냐고~!! 팔로우 받아 진짜~!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niel’s reply: Ah!! Seriously~!! Why are you taking photos when my hair is like this~!! Accept my follow~!!!!!!!!!!!!; fyteensontop
source; C.A.P/Niel’s twitters

[NEWS] 130519 B.A.P Conquers NY Times Square!

On May 20, a representative of B.A.P’s agency stated, “B.A.P, who are currently doing their ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC’ tour appeared at the MTV Studio located in New York Times Square at 8pm on May 16. All the tickets for the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, and New York were sold out in an instant. Fans surged into New York Times Square to get a glimpse of B.A.P.”

Nearly 3,000 people showed up for the red carpet that was planned from 7pm. 30 more personnel from the NYPD were sent in and an ambulance was also prepared. MTV provided B.A.P with a Cadillac limousine, 20 security guards, and more than 100 staff members.

B.A.P thanked fans through the live MTV-K that began at 8pm, “We are happy because it feels like we have made a dream we had for a long time, come true.”

B.A.P finished up their U.S. tour as of their May 17 New York concert. The “B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH PACIFIC” tour will continue on to Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.