inkigayo pre recording


The staff at the prerecording were watching ikon and saying amongst themselves, “these guys are going to be huge, it’s crazy”


The boys didn’t realize the mics picked up everything they said to the fans so they were teasing each other for being cheesy~t was ~3am so Yunhyeong was like “do you think the sun is up?” And Hanbin pointed to the stars in the stage bg and said “it’s still night!”


Hanbin: are you guys really coming to the concert tomorrow? Fans: YESSS Hanbin: :D really? Junhoe: they’d say yes even if they weren’t going


Hanbin touched Bobby’s butt and they started whispering and making dumb faces at each other


Hanbin: don’t your throats hurt? Fans: yes ㅠㅠ Hanbin: but we get so much strength from it ^^ Fans: [yells with the strength of 50 blowhorns]


The fans were telling Junhoe to get home safely and he was like “nope, I’ll be back soon”


Junhoe doesn’t speak in honorifics to the fans, he talks to them like close friends or a b…o….yf [redacted]


When one of the members mentioned that it was cold outside Hanbin came to the edge of the stage and opened his arms as if to hug the fans


The staff had to tell iKON to take their attention off the fans while they were on standby because they just couldn’t stay away 


The fan chants weren’t as loud and united as the PDs wanted, so one fan just yelled as loud as she could and after the recording, while she was drinking water she saw that Yunhyeong was staring at her. When they locked eyes he sent her a thumbs up and smiled.The fan was so shocked and excited, she didn’t know what to do and Yunhyeong bowed 90 degrees to her 


At one point the fans were singing airplane together but they all messed up the rap lyrics so Bobby made motions for them to stop LOL


Donghyuk: are you guys hungry? Fans: yesㅜㅜㅜ Chanwoo: Bobby hyung said he’d buy you foodㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bobby: no!!!!!!


PD: please refrain from making noise during standby Fans: Hanbin: mic check Bobby: they said not to talk!!!!


There was a helicopter cam and the wind from it was so strong and the boys kept trying not to laugh


Someone yelled “Donghyuk I love you!” And he gave her a heart so everyone was all “DONGHYUK I LOVE U” from 360 degrees so he was surprised


PD: we need to adjust the mics so don’t say anything, don’t make any noise from now on fans: staff: ikon: OKAY


Hanbin: *practicing lyrics* Bobby: sing later. Donghyuk: shh


fan: JJANG!!! Bobby: AHHHHHHHH


Hanbin: did you eat? Fans: no Donghyuk: oh no… Hanbin hyung will hug you all warmly Bobby: don’t say impossible things


Junhoe had both earpieces in so he couldn’t hear what the fans said but he still nodded and smiled at them


Bobby wore checkered boxers yet again LOL


JInhwan gets on his knees at one point in airplane o-<-<


Bobby was complaining to the fans that maknae line and hanbin don’t call him hyung and then he was like “right, Kim jinhwan?!”


You could tell Hanbin was scared of the lift, he was shaking and laughing nervously and crouched down as it was getting lowered


One of the staffs was going up on a ladder so the fans were like “ooooohhh…….” and Yunhyeong laughed because they were cute


In Airplane, the part that goes “please stop for a minute” has a praying motion with it


ikon: IKONICS! do you like your name? fans: (laughing) Yunhyeong: you guys!!!


Junhoe and Donghyuk both have really deep voices when talking normally


According to Bobby, Donghyuk’s voice when talking to fans and normally is really different so fans asked them Donghyuk to show them


Bobby went over to the sofa and Jinhwan sat on his lap and they looked like a father and son


Junhoe: isn’t Donghyuk’s voice nice? Fans: YESSS Junhoe: you’re not all his fans are you? Fans: WE ARE!!! Junhoe: (oh)


When fans chanted for fan service Jinhwan crossed his legs back and forth 3 times and then tapped his butt


Hanbin was posing seriously with his eyes closed during airplane but he sneezed and then went back to posing 


Hanbin: are you all coming to the concert? fans: YES Hanbin: you saw us yesterday, today, and tomorrow… won’t you get tired of us :(


At the pre-recording Junhoe was like “wow, all of our fans are pretty”


While they were resting, fans yelled for ikon to do something so from Junhoe-Chanwoo-other members-Hanbin they all did some aegyo and crossed their legs but Yunhyeong stood up and did a peace sign really cutely


Chanwoo seemed a lot more confident near the end, saying hi to the fans and waving a lot~ Bobby kept encouraging him often too


Junhoe was doing fanservice and when a different side was like “over here too~!” Bobby pointed over to them and Junhoe went to them too


Fans kept telling iKON they were handsome so they started making ugly faces 


PD: were you just wearing one side this entire time? hanbin: yes! PD: aren’t you going to put your earpieces in? Bobby: !!!! *puts in earpiece* Junhoe: *acts like he had it in the whole time and puts it in*

Translated by iKONOT7




1 Jan : Kiss The Radio [Rap Monster]

6-7 Jan : BTS Showcase Japan -Next Stage-

13 Jan : MBC Idol Sport Championship (Recording)

16 Jan : JTBC 28th Golden Disk Awards

17 Jan : JanSamsung Dream Class

23 Jan : KBS Joy 23rd Seoul Music Awards

30-31 Jan : MBC Idol Sport Championship (Broadcast)



08 Feb : WAPOP Show

11 Feb : Showcase 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair

12 Feb : Realesed 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair

              KBS Drama the 3rd Gaon Chart Kpop Awards (Broadcast)

13 Feb : Comeback Stage M Countdown (Broadcast)

14 Feb : Comeback Stage KBS Music Bank (Broadcast)

16 Feb : Comeback Stage SBS Inkigayo (Broadcast)

17 Feb : Recording Arirang Simply Kpop (MC Rap Monster)

18 Feb  : J-Hope Birthday,Park Seo Hyun “Love game” Radio (RAP monster,Jimin,Jungkook)  & MTV The Show live+Pre Recording

19 Feb : Recording The Beatles code 3D  (BTS )

20 Feb : JungYungJu Rooftop Radio & Mnet Countdown (Broadcast)

21 Feb  : KBS Music Bank (Broadcast)

22 Feb : MBC Music Core & WAPOP Show

23 Feb  : SBS Inkigayo & Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @ Yongsan & Park Seo Hyun “Love game” Radio (RAP monster, Jimin, JungKook) Broadcast

24 Feb  : Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @ Gangnam

25 Feb  : Arirang Simply Kpop & MTV The Show , Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @ cheongryangri & SBS Power FM Cultwo Show Broadcast (Rap Monster)

26 Feb  : Arirang After School Club  , Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Geondae, KBS 2FM 89.1MHz Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio (Recording)

27 Feb : MWave Meet & Greet & MBC ShimShimTapa Radio & Arirang Radio K Sound & Mnet Countdown (Broadcast)

28 Feb : KBS Music Bank KBS2FM Jo Jeong chi & harim 2PM (Broadcast)



1 March : Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @illsan & KBS 2FM 89.1MHz Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio (Broadcast) & MBC Music Core (Broadcast)

2 March : Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Guro & SBS Inkigayo

3 March : Arirang Simply Kpop (Recording)

4 March  : MTV The Show (Broadcast)

5 March : MBC Music Champion (Broadcast)

6 March : Mnet Countdown (Broadcast)

7 March : Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Yeouido TCC Center B1 art Hall & Arirang Simply Kpop (Rap Monster MC) (Broadcast)

8 March : WAPOP Show

9 March : Suga Birthday &  Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Shinchon &SBS Inkigayo

& Inkigayo Mini Fan Meeting

11 March : MTV The Show (Broadcast)

13 March : Mnet Mcountdown (Broadcast)

14 March : Arirang Simply Kpop & KBS Music Bank (Broadcast)

15 March : WAPOP Show

16 March : Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Jongro

18 March : MTV The Show (Broadcast)

19 March : MBC Show Champion 100th Special (Broadcast)

20 March : Mnet Mcountcown (Broadcast)

21 March : Arirang Simply Kpop & KBS Music Bank(Broadcast)

22 March : Cherry Blossom Festival WAPOP K-Dream Concert – Daegu

26 March : MBC Show Champion the Behind-The-Scene footages “100th Episode Special” (Broadcast)

29 March : BTS Global Official Fanclub A.R.M.Y 1st FanMeeting MUSTER

30 March : Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Daegu & Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair@Busan

31 March : KKN Jinhae Public Broadcast



1 April : The Beatles code 3D  (Broadcast) & MBC SimSimTapa (Rap Monster & Jimin) (Broadcast)

2 April  : Arirang After School Club After Show ( Rap Monster & Jimin) (Broadcast) & Mini Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Pyeongchon

3 April : KBS2FM SUper Junior Kiss The Radio (Jin,J-Hope) (Broadcast)

8 April : MBC Weekly Idol (Recording)

9 April :  MBC Show Champion (Broadcast)

10 April : Mnet Mcountdown  (Broadcast)

11 April : Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Yeuido & KBS Music Bank (Broadcast) &KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Recording)

12 April : WAPOP SHOW & MTV The Show (Recording)

13 April : Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Gimpo

14 April : KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Broadcast)

15 April : YINYUETAI The 2nd  V chart Awards in Beijing China & MTV The Show (Broadcast)

16 April : Fansigning  2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair  @Beijing-China & MBC Show Champion (Broadcast)

18 April : KWave Concert at Lotte Duty Free Family Concert 17th

22 April : SBS Power FM K.will Young Street (Recording)

30 April : MBC Weekly Idol (Broadcast)



5 May : Arirang Radio K-poppin (Broadcast) & Arirang After School Club [Rap Monster](Recording)

6 May : Arirang After School Club [Rap Monster](Broadcast) & SBS MTV The Show (Broadcast)

7 May : Arirang After School Club [Rap Monster](Broadcast) & SBS Power FM K.Will Young Street (Broadcast)

12 May : KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio [Jungkook] (Broadcast)

13 May : Mnet 4가지쇼(4 Thing Show)[Rap Monster](Broadcast)

15 May : BTS – Skool Luv Affair (Special Addition) (Released)

17 May : Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair @Gwangju &  Fan Signing 2nd Mini Album Skool Luv Affair  @Daejeon

18 May : BTS China Jobs Ep. 01 @ Yinyuetai-China [Broadcast]

21 May : Arirang After School Club After Show [Rap Monster,Jimin &amp; Jungkook](Broadcast)

25 May : BTS China Jobs Ep. 02 @ Yinyuetai-China [Broadcast]

28 May : Arirang After School Club After Show [Rap Monster,Jimin &amp; Jungkook](Broadcast)

29 May :  Ameba Studio-Japan (Broadcast) &amp; Premium Live Program-Japan (Broadcast)

30 May : Kstar Wonderland Meets BTS

31 May : BTS Japan Official Fan Meeting Vol 1. @Dome City Hall



1 June : BTS China Jobs Ep. 03 @ Yinyuetai-China [Broadcast]

3 June : BTS Special at Space Shower-TV Plus [Broadcast] &amp; BTS Festa BTS Photo Album 2013 (FB) &amp; Special Magazine (Fancafe)

4 June : Debut Japan &amp; No More Dream (Japan Ver.) Released &amp; BTS Festa BTS Photo Album Growth (FB) &amp; Prologue 365 Days (Fancafe)

5 June : Music On! TV (Kang On! Fighting! ) – Japan (Broadcast) , BTS Festa BTS Special Choreography Adult Child (YT) &amp; 1st BTS Lounge (Fancafe) & Miss Seoul Contest

6 June : Nico Nico X Oricon Style (Broadcast) &amp;BTS Festa BTS Special Choreography Beautiful (YT)

7 June : Released & High Touch Event @Tokyo &amp; BTS Festa 2nd Keyword Talk (Fancafe)  &amp; FM NORTHWAVE「Beats-Of-Korea」

8 June :Released & High Touch Event @Osaka &amp; BTS Festa 지.못.미 (S.N.P) BTS (Fancafe)

9 June : FM COCOLO「COCOLO Earth Colors -KOREAN-」- Japan (Broadcast) &amp; BTS Festa i’m writing a profile (BTS Ver.) (FB)

10 June : BTS Special at Space Shower TV [Re-Run] &amp; BTS Festa &amp; BTS Festa Radio Teaser #Hookgayo &amp; 3rd 1st Year a go today (Fancafe)

11 June : BTS Festa 1st anniversary Commerative Photo (FB)

12 June : BTS Festa Jin Chef’s first B’day (Twitter)

13 June : 1st Anniversary BTS &amp; BTS Festa BHC Radio (YT) &amp; Last to ARMY (Fancafe) &amp; Tokyo FM JFNStation38

14 June : 2014 Festival-Bridge to Korea in Moscow-Russia & MBC C-Radio  Idol True Colors (Broadcast)

15 June : 2014 Festival-Bridge to Korea in Moscow-Russia

16 June : Fm yokohama「K-Pop!Now」

21 June : AEON Dream Gate Fes. 2014 – Japan &amp; BTS Special at Space Shower TV [Re-Run]

23 June : Fm yokohama「K-Pop!Now」 &amp; Mwave Meet N Greet

27 June :  KBS Music Bank MID YEAR SPECIAL (BROADCAST) & 2014 KPOP Healing Concert by Seoul of Performing Art School (SOPA)

28 June : SEAGAIA MUSIC RESORT 2014 – Japan & MUSIC ON! TV 「Entertaiment Time CDET!」-Japan

30 June : E-Tele (Hangul Course On TV) – Japan & Fm yokohama「K-Pop!Now」



1 July MBC Music Idol True Colors (Broadcast)

3 July MJTV Kpop Next -Japan

6 July BS SPTV 「Korean Hour」-Japan

13 July Kstar Wonderland meets BTS at Mnet Japan (Broadcast) &  BS SPTV 「Korean Hour」-Japan

14 July Kstar Wonderland meets BTS at Mnet Japan (Rerun) & <SHOW & PROVE Concert> @<Troubadour> 9081 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 (LA TIME)

16 July BTS 2nd Mini Album Boy In Luv released at Japan &  BS SPTV 「Korean Hour」-Japan

19 July Released & Hand Shake Event @Tokyo , Kstar Wonderland meets BTS at Mnet Japan (Rerun)

20 July Released & Hand Shake Event @Osaka

24 July BTS America Hustle life @ Mnet (Broadcast)

26 July BTS – Japan Special Interview Recording at Space Shower TV Plus (Broadcast)

27 July 1st Fan Meeting ARE WE LATE? (RWL8?) Berlin,Germany@Huxleys Neue Welt &  BS SPTV 「Korean Hour」-Japan

29 July  1st Fan Meeting ARE WE LATE? (RWL8?) Stockholm,Sweden @fryshuset

31 July  BTS – Japan Special Interview Recording at Space Shower TV Plus (Rerun) & BTS American Hustle Life @ Mnet (Broadcast)



1 August 1st Fan Meeting ARE WE LATE? (RWL8?) San Paulo Brazil @ Via Marquês

7 August BTS America Hustle life @ Mnet (Broadcast)

10 August MCountdown 2NIGHTS in LA/KCON 2014 at Downtown LA

11 August BTS – Japan Special Interview Recording at Space Shower TV Plus (Rerun), BJ11 – Han Love _japan

14 August MnetMcountdown 2Night in LA (Broadcast) & BTS American Hustle Life @ Mnet (Broadcast)

19 August BTS “Dark &Wild” 1st full length album Showcase @Blue Square Samsung Card Hall,Seoul-Korea

20 August BTS comeback full length album (Dark & Wild)

21 August BTS American Hustle Life @ Mnet (Broadcast),Comeback stage@sbs inkigayo (Pre-recording),BTS “Dark &Wild” 1st full length album Showcase (Re-Run)@1theKyoutube,Comeback@MnetMcountdown(Broadcast)

22 August Comeback @KBS Music Bank

23 August  2014 Kia Experience Sharing Concert @Seoul Sangam World Cup Stadium & Comeback @MBC Show! Music Core  (Broadcast)

24 August Comeback @SBS Inkigayo & Mini Fanmeeting after inkigayo

26 August Arirang After School Club (Broadcast) &  SBS MTV Hope TV 2014 Sharing Concert Broadcast ( the show) ,MBC Music Show Champion (Cheongju Musim Cheon sport park)

27 August MBC Music Show Champion (Broadcast)

28 August BTS American Hustle Life @ Mnet (Broadcast),Mnet Mcountdown (Broadcast)

29 August KBS2 Music Bank (Broadcast)

30 August We Love Gangwon Kpop Concert & Super Junior Kiss The Radio (SUKIRA),Show!Music Core (Broadcast)

31 August 18th FAMILY CONCERT (Lotte Duty Free) K-Pop Concert ,SBS Inkigayo



1 Sept Jungkook Birthday , Arirang Simply Kpop (Recording).Naver Starcast (Broadcast).KBS2FM Super Junior Kiss The Radio (Jimin) (Broadcast)

2 Sept MBC Sunny FM Date , SBS The Show ( Recording,Broadcast)

3 Sept GO! BTS @Mnet America (US Time) , Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Illsan,Show!Champion(Broadcast),SBS Power FM Choi hwa Jung Power Time (Broadcast)

4 Sept MCoutdown (Broadcast),BTS American Hustle Life @ Mnet (Broadcast)

5 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Yeuido ,Arirang Simply Kpop (Broadcast)

6 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @YEONGDEUNGPO,Show! Music Core (Broadcast)

7 Sept  Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Jongro,Inkigayo (Broadcast)

10 Sept Arirang TV Pops in Seoul ( Broadcast),MBC Music Show! Champion (Broadcast)

11 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Sinchon,BTS American Hustle Life @ Mnet (Broadcast),Mnet Mcountdown (Broadcast)

12 Sept Rap Monster Birthday,KBS Music Bank (Broadcast),KBS Cool FM Yoo in na Volume Up,Simply Kpop (Broadcast)

13 Sept 2014 BRAVE CONCERT,MBC Music Core (Broadcast),CJB Cheongju public broadcast ( Cheongju Musimcheon outdoor stage)

14 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Bundang

15 Sept Simply Kpop (Recording)

16 Sept SBS MTV The Show (broadcast)

17 Sept Incheon Kpop Concert. MBC Music Show Champion (Broadcast)

18 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark &amp; Wild @Mok-dong &lt;Mnet Mcountdown (Broadcast),MBC 2014 Incheon Kpop Concert

19 Sept Arirang Simply KPop (Broadcast)

20 Sept.MBS Show! Music Core (Broadcast)

21 Sept 2014 Yangju Contton Festival, SBS Power FM K-will Young Street (Broadcast),MBC Music Show Champion (Kpop Expo in Asia) (Recording),SBS Inkigayo (Broadcast)

22 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark &amp; Wild @Yongsan

23 Sept SBS MTV The Show (Broadcast)

25 Sept Cheongju MBC Public Broadcast 2014 Cheongwon Organic life festival ,Mnet Mcountdown (Broadcast)

26 Sept Arirang Simply KPop (Broadcast) ,KBS Music Bank (Broadcast),Youngdong University Festival

27 Sept  2014 Sky Festival (Super Kpop Show! Music Core) (Recording),MBC Food Bank Sharing Concert (Recording)

28 Sept Uiwang Baegun Art Festival

29 Sept Fansigning 1st Album Dark &amp; Wild @Daegu,Fansigning 1st Album Dark &amp; Wild @Daejeon

30 Sept BTS 1st Single NO MORE DREAM – Japanese Ver. Released in Korea (Domestic)



1 Oct Kpop Expo in Asia (Special Idol) (Broadcast),Suwon Women’s College Festival

3 Oct KBS Music Bank – Osong International Bio Industry Expo Special,CJB Saenggeo Jincheon Culture Festival

4 Oct Official China fanclub inauguration ‘MUSTER’ in China,MBC Show! Music Core (Broadcast)

5 Oct Fansign in China

7 Oct  BTS 2nd Single BOY IN LUV – Japanese Ver. Released in Korea (Domestic)

10 Oct Cheolwon Taebong Festival

13 Oct Jimin Birthday

15 OCT Goham Concert @Chonbuk National University Cultural Center,


18 Oct BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET @AX-Korea,KBS2 A Song For You (Broadcast)


23 Oct MNET MCOUNTDOWN (Broadcast),Mcountdown Begins,BTS 1st Album Dark And Wild Mwave “MEET&GREET” (Live Streaming)

24 Oct KBS Music Bank (Broadcast)

25 Oct  BTS 500 Days Since Debut,Show! Music Core (Broadcast),Gyeosangnam-do youth unison Festival

26 Oct KBS World Radio Vietnam Culture (xinchao!Good Korea) (Broadcast),SBS Inkigayo (Broadcast)

30 Oct KBS Music Bank in Mexico

31 Oct KBS Music Bank (Broadcast)



2 Nov SBS Inkigayo

3 Nov Arirang Simply Kpop (Recording), Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Gimpo

4 Nov SBS MTV The Show (Recording & Broadcast)

6 Nov Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @CHEONGYANGNI,Mnet Mcountdown  (Broadcast) , Mcountdown Mini Fanmeeting

7 Nov Arirang Simply Kpop (Broadcast), KBS Music Bank (Broadcast)

8 Nov Show! Music Core (V Special MC) (Broadcast)

9 Nov SBS Inkigayo (Pre recording &amp;Broadcast),Inkigayo Mini Fanmeeting

10 Nov Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Guro

12 Nov Music Bank in Mexico (Broadcast)

13 Nov BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET @Kobe  Kokusai kaikan kokusai hall – Japan

14 Nov BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET @Kobe  Kokusai kaikan kokusai hall-Japan

16 Nov BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET @Tokyo Kokusai Forum Hall A-Japan

19 November 3rd Mini Album Danger (Japanese Ver.) Released,Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Lotte World Shopping Mall -Jamsil

22 November Handsake event  3rd Mini Album Danger (Japanese Ver.) @ Tokyo-Japan,Nico Nico Live (Broadcast)

23 November Handsake event  3rd Mini Album Danger (Japanese Ver.) @Osaka-Japan

25 Nov Fansigning 1st Album Dark & Wild @Myeongdong

26 Nov The 16th Korea – China Song Festival at Yeouido KBS Hall (Recording),Together with Pop in Seoul on Kpop Party @ Live space V-Hall

27 Nov Fansigning 1st Album Dark &amp; Wild @Gangnam



3 December  2014 MAMA  (Broadcast)

4 December  Jin Birthday

5 December T-Money Fansigning @CGV Daeyeon Busan


13 December BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET @Star Theatre,Singapore

14 December The 16th Korea – China Song Festival at Yeouido KBS Hall (Broadcast 1TV KBS)

20 December BTS 1st Asia Tour : BTS 2014 LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE II. THE RED BULLET @Chaengwattana



22 December MBCevery1 100 Choice,Best Ramyun ( J-Hope) (Broadcast)

24 December BTS 1st Full album Japan (Released)

30 December : V Birthday

31 December : Countdown Seoul 2015 @ Times Square – Seoul

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150807 Inkigayo Pre-recording:

* The Boys wore suits but each had different colors.
Kyuhyun - Orange
Ryeowook - Cyan
Leeteuk - Pearl Blue
Donghae - Navy
Yesung - Black pants with a black, white and yellow jacket
Hyukjae - Black pants with a jacket pattern (?)
Heechul - Pink
Kangin - Dark purple

* Before every take Heechul will call Hyukjae as ‘Hyukkie’ and make hearts with his heart and say cheesy things lol. Hyukjae just pretended that he didn’t see him. Before last take Heechul went to Hyukjae and stood behind him and put his hands on each side of Hyukjae and made the heart simbol with his fingers lol 

* There was this part hahaha when Heechul was on the other side of the stage (in his position when the song starts) and he screamed to Hyuk 'LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME’ and made heart with his fingers HAHAHAHAHHA 

* Hyuk ignored heechul sooo many times. Till hee kicked his butt then shoves the hearts to his faceXD 

* HeeChul was screaming “hyukaaaah” when coming on stage. EunHyuk kept ignoring HeeChul fangirling attitude over him. on third time Being ignored by EunHyuk, HeeChul caught his arm and hit his butt with his foot

* Kyuhyun played with donghae during the camera test before the second chorus

* They performed 3 times. 1st for camera test. 2nd for recording and 3rd for closeup recording

* Kangin, Hyukjae and Leeteuk made also different steps for their part when they dance in the middle. Leeteuk once is like a jumpy zoombie haha

* Kyuhyun is the centre again at inkigayo, the cheers were so loud he wanted to kneel on the ground!

* Donghae’s shirt for inki…. so low cut….D; 

* When they were leaving the stage hyuk was saying bye to the fans and hae pretended to punch him ㅋㅋ

* before the close up recording, Kyuhyun was looking at the camera and then Hyuk came and stood infront of the camera and Kyu pushed him to the side so he could be infront of the camera. They did it like 2 times until Hyuk was gonna go stand in the front and PD told them stand-by he just went back to him place lol 

* When Leeteuk was talking about the repackage album suddenly Heechul screamed 'IT’S GONNA COME OUT’ LOL

*When talking about 10th year anniversary, leeteuk was saying “for example"but HeeChul cut him before he could say anything

* at last record, hyuk was trying to get in front of kyu while the camera was getting ready

* fan asked about fanclub 3rd generation. LeeTeuk asked about 2nd "did they die? No one from 2nd generation is here,”

* fan asked about 10th year anniversary and Leeteuk said “you heard from daegu? If there is anything, it will not basic”

* I’m really starting to believe Heechul is up to make Donghae jealous with all the interaction with Hyuk. Donghae just stares and stares

* Every time Heechul goes to Hyukjae, Donghae goes to Yesung but Yesung is more like 'idk man, don’t get me on it’ lol

cr:haelic, eSTARstar,beegyu,OrianeJewel

[FANACC] 150402 Inkigayo Pre-recording
  • Baek: Huh huh?
  • Fans: WE CAN SEE UR BELLY!!!
  • Baek: I did that so you could see it! T _ T
  • Fans: Isn't that shoe Minseok's?
  • Baek: It's mine!
  • Fans: But Minseok wore it in the MV!
  • Baek: I lent it to him~
  • Baek: Ah i want to drink a slushie!
  • Fans: What flavour
  • Baek: Grape flavour ^ ^
  • Fan: Baekhyun ah!
  • Baek: Yes?
  • Fan: Your photocard doesn't appear T T
  • Baek: *searches back pocket as tho he would give her one*
  • [mr.virtue]
[FANACCT][140316] Inkigayo Pre-recording

- Sooyoung and Yoona were being dorks, playing with the light projectors on stage, putting their face above it, looking creepy xD

 - Sooyoung and Yoona were so happy laughing together, so cute.

- Sooyoung put her mic under her arm and did some weird moves that made Yoona laugh so much xD

 - Dorky duo Soona put their faces on the pink light projector and they looked straight at us in the creepiest way, their faces all pink xD

- I was very happy to see Sooyoung so happy and dorky with Yoona too :) I was worried about their health but they’re still able to enjoy.

- Soo, Yoong and Jess also acted like gangstas at one point… Scary stuff I tell u haha xD

- A lot of Soosica, Soona and Yoonsic today. 

 - So many soona & yoonsic moment today. 

 - Prince yoong was searching for her mic everywhere, and then she suddenly realised it was in the back pocket of her pants, she burst out laughung and went to find Sooyoung and Sica unnie to tell them! Today prince yoong still imitate michael Jackson classic pose acting cool,below the stage everyone was screaming.

- Soona were being so comical today <3 playing around together or with sones. 

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140821 V's Tweet

오늘 정말 엠카랑 인가 사녹 와주셔서 정말 감사합니다 정말 진심을 담아서 감사하다고 말씀드리고 싶어요 저희 덴져 정말 하루도 안쉬고 땀방울하나하나 다기억할만큼 멋지게 연습했으니까 더 기대해주세요 더 잘할게요 사랑해요 아미 -뷔

[V] Thank you so much for coming to the MCountdown & Inkigayo pre recordings today. I really wish to express my heartfelt thanks. For Danger we really practiced without a day of rest, while remembering all the sweat from every practice session we had, do look forward to it we’ll do better ARMYs I love you - V

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For all new JongKey Shippers

Firstly, the SHINee world welcomes you with pearlescent aqua kisses and rainbows!

Now, Jongkey spans across 8 years worth of moments (without counting their predebut days) and of course there will be somethings I may miss or roll over, but I’m sure my fellow JK shippers will fill you in on what I have not ^^

I’d like to start with the beginning of the shipping: Hello Baby; if you have not watched it WATCH IT. It is full of cute and funny Jongkey moments. I watched the show and that’s what made me start shipping them full time. Another show that shows off their shipping qualities would be Yunhanam. LINK

But you may not be able to fully capture the moments without a little bit of background on their would be love story(lol) 

JONGKEYTV is a magical paradise and every video is a classic <3

The way they stare at each other compilation: Jonghyun   Key 

After Hello Baby era and Hello era we encountered the “scandal” that went by the name of SSK (Shin Sekyung). NOW there’s many things I could say about this topic but i’ll only leave you with these two videos so that you may come to your own conclusions. 

Jongkey interaction after the dating announcement:

Key singing Rihanna:

OKay, so fastforward a couple of months and shippers are graced with THIS

we will never know what happened in between Jonghyun dating Sekyung and him breaking up with her or how they repaired their friendship/relationship. 


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