171119 SBS Inkigayo Comeback Stage - Super Junior ‘Black Suit’

BTS did not make history today, this is not the most earth-breaking thing ever. This isn’t like they are the first ones to make their debut in America, or to perform in America, sure they are on Tv and got invited to an awards show, but they aren’t legends or the Gods of Kpop, not even close. Big Bang, literally won the Worldwide Performance at the European Music Awards but nobody said shit about that. BTS is nothing special, they are just another kpop group making music and doing something they love. I don’t hate BTS, i appreciate their music and dance, but the fact that it’s the fans that put them so high and push everyone else aside is just, why tho????? But i’m probably going to be hearing about this for the next month…ugh..


Super Junior performing “Black Suit” at Inkigayo on the 19th November 2017.

Super Junior interprétant “Black Suit” à Inkigayo le 19 Novembre 2017. 

INKIGAYO: Live Stages (11.19.17)

INKIGAYO has released their official videos for the various live stages from their 11.19.17 episode.  Some stages have not received an official video release (indicated by italics.)

Samuel - Candy [Comeback Stage]
Lovelyz - Twinkle [Comeback Stage]
WANNA-ONE - Beautiful [Comeback Stage]
Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo [Comeback Stage]
DK x Kang Min Jung - I’ll Be Your Light [Comeback Stage]

Gugudan - Chococo [Live Stage]
SEVENTEEN - Clap [Live Stage]
EXID - DDD [Live Stage]
TWICE - Likey [Live Stage]
Block B - Shall We Dance [Live Stage]
Super Junior - Black Suit [Live Stage]
ASTRO - Crazy Sexy Cool [Live Stage]
MONSTA X - Dramarama [Live Stage]
SONAMOO - I (Knew It) [Live Stage]
VICTON - Remember Me [Live Stage]
Kim So Hee - Sobok Sobok [Live Stage]
VAV - She’s Mine [Live Stage]