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Alright. Y'know that part where in chapter 2 where Sammy Lawrence tries to sacrifice the player to Bendy? Well, I'd like to know how our favorite dancing demon would react to that lunatic trying to his s/o? Yes, I know he's gonna die, but how much worse would it be for him? Because come one the guy thought it'd be a great idea to sacrifice his "savior's" s/o to get him noticed!

Bendy the Dancing Demon (Bendy and the Ink Machine)

Oh… Oh Sammy is in for a painful death. Yes, Bendy would’ve accepted Sammy’s “sacrifice” happily- any chance to Take his s/o is a good time.

Sammy knocked you out- hurt you and tied you up. Bendy could hear you screaming at Sammy to let you go above the lunatic’s ramblings.

The next thing Sammy would hear is Bendy’s demonic gurgling as his inky claws wrap around Sammy’s throat.

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Is it bad that I now ship boris and bendy 😐

I honestly think My Boris and Ben would have a very Platonic relationship. 

But in reality it would be Bendy terrorizing Boris and Boris putting up with the inky bitch and his inky ways.  

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Michael would totally buy those "player 1" and "player 2" half heart necklaces for him and Jeremy

instead of hearts one is pacman and the other is inky the ghost and they say it on the back

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*The Void hugs you back, enveloping you in inky blackness. You feel numb and empty, but warm and fuzzy at the same time. You could get used to this.*

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Hi, Burgie! After reading Rsenak's comic pages, I think Justin and Zelda (sso-zelda-dusknight) look sort of cute together. Do you think you could write something for them sometime? Thank you! :)

I know almost nothing about Zelda but hopefully I didn’t get things too horribly wrong. Also tagging @sso-zelda-dusknight since it’s her character.

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Cheesy InkyPawPrints

-Whenever Kitty feels down, Inky’s little built in Loving Boyfriend Radar picks it up and he instant ports back to her universe.

-One eye socket remains a heart, though it might turn blue if she’s really sad. Poor kitty, Ink will fix!

- He pulls out all her favorite feel good movies, and snacks, and cuddles up beside her as they marathon them all day.

-He has an artbook titled “My Beautiful Precious Girlfriend!💗” Chock full of notes and drawings and doodles of her.

-His always finding ways to bring her into a conversation. He loves gushing about her.

“Hey Ink how ya been bro?”

“Oh wonderful! Kitty made me this awesome drawing isn’t it just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen!?”

“That’s nice-”

“I know she’s so thoughtful this just made my day!”

“Y-Yeah okay-”

Yeah…hope you didn’t have anything important to do for at least another three hours.

-The other Sans know more about her than they ever wanted to. Except Blue, he ships this hard so all updates are welcomed.

-He made her a little Ink plushie, so whenever he has to leave she has something to remind her of him.:3