inki jinx

Meet Ika!

Ika is a small and cute squid with a happy disposition. He loves nothing more than to cuddle up with his favorite people!

Did you know?
Ika is based on a species called the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid. They are teeny tiny (measuring barely 30mm/1.2" long!)  and adorable, and are being studied for their unique ability shield themselves from predators with bioluminecent light that comes from their bellies! SCIENCE!

New character idea sketches: Starwhal! 

Starwhals live in the night sky in small pods, swimming and swirling among the stars. When they are newborn their bodies are dark, but as they age more and more star-shaped shimmering patches bloom on their skin. The older a starwhal is, the brighter she is. When she reaches old age, each starwhal dives towards earth, shimmering in what you and I see as a shooting star. 


Aw yeaaah! I’ll be at Anime Boston this weekend! Find me at table V85. In addition to Crabapples/Gummy Ika plush, tee shirts and fun accessories, I’ll ALSO have prints, a full stock of jellyblub 3DS XL pouches AND infinity scarves with me. :>

Show your inki-Jinx love! Wear your fave tee to my table and get 15% off one item! See the map image above for all the deets.


Anthrocon! This anthropormorphic-themed convention takes place annually in Pittsburgh, PA.

Always an amazingly fun convention, I really love the enthusiasm of each and every one of my AC fans. :3 Say what you want about the furry fandom, but they are some of the friendliest, most welcoming group of people I’ve ever met, and going to Pittsburgh is always a highlight of my convention circuit. :)

My new desk/workspace! I was on a table-type desk before, which has now become my sewing table (not pictured, but on the right). After living in this apartment for almost 8 months I finally figured how to hang stuff on plaster walls too so my MissMonster paintings are finally up!

It’s nice to have shelves and things for my toys & other knicknacks, as well as for mailing supplies. Once I have my sewing desk all set up I’ll take a photo of the whole set up–I loooove looking at other peoples’ work areas. Sad to say that right now my sewing table is a mountain of minky fabric scraps and cotton canvas from spoonflower… LOL.


Hi all! I’m at PMX all weekend, sellin’ mah stuffs in the exhibit hall! We’ll be at booth 202, and you can’t miss us–we’re right at the front of the hall.

Also: new product debuting at the con–Jellyblub silk infinity scarves! 

They are a 55% silk/45% cotton fabric, are handsewn and are luxuriously soft. They will be $45. If I have any leftovers from PMX, I’ll post a link to my store on Monday! Otherwise, it will be a couple weeks until they’re in stock again. 

See you there?! Stop by and introduce yourself if you’re gonna be there! I love meeting fans and putting faces to usernames. :)