Redrawing some crypt pieces. Determined to make my Crypts, Tombs & Catacombs packs a reality. The nice thing about the drawing part is that it can be done almost anywhere -again, visiting my partner in hospital provided an art opportunity (also we got to sit at a table - which helps!) #InkedAdventures #visitinghours #dungeontiles #graphpaper #moleskine #fineliner

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Crypts, Tombs and Catacombs (by Inked Adventures). Here are some works-in-progress pictures from the many months between other smaller projects. These are from the design process for “tombs” themed expansion pack to accompany our printable Dungeon Sections (Basic pack). We’re still unsure whether or not we’ll get the squeeze it all into one Publication or two. It’s long overdue, and some type of beast must be born soon! For now, a free sample of a couple of elements can be downloaded here:

Inked Adventures on Tumblr:
Art by Billiam Babble:

Sections/rooms for possible sewer/water themed #InkedAdventures #DungeonSections pack. Pre-colour line art: #fineliner on #moleskine #graphpaper #notebook.
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(Mainly drawn whilst not able to sleep!)

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“Quick. Fix that Jump Drive, they’re here!” Evil space mercs try to commandeer a micro cargo freighter. Playing around with my nearly ready “Compact and Worn Starship Deckplans” (tiles for minis) Apologies for low quality phone pics. All characters are played by #Lego minifigs. #starwarsrpg #whitestar #travellerrpg #tabletop #inkedadventures #scifi #toys #minis

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Quick screen break from colouring those spaceship plans which are taking longer than I thought they would (as always!). I’ve invented a very simple (but flawed) solitaire game with my M&D cards. It’s a route-finder game. You are trapped deep in a dungeon and you need to find an exit but the curse of the dungeon only allows to travel roughly in one direction at a time. All cards are randomly drawn, one at a time. In the photo the starting card is the chasm in the middle (“Precipice Steps”) I went North and dealt a new card - Tomb of the Last King, a dead-end (end-of-row card), which teleports the player back to the starting card. Next route has to be to the East. The Feasting Place has a direct route through from West to East, so the next card is played. A clear path has to be visible across the card, otherwise it’s the same as a dead end. If you hit the edge of the table, a corner/ change in direction is allowed. Here the path ends in another dead end with Blindfish Cavern. End of row cards (including some exit cards) can be rotated to join the corridors on the previous card. Zap. Teleported back to Precipice Steps. Go South. Crypt & Dead End halts my path. Zap. West. Wind my way to two edges of the table and finally the Hollow Tree (exit) card appears. Freedom! The object of the game is to escape with the least number of cards being played. It’s also possible with counters to play the game as a two player race, a sort of two piece Ludo, but I haven’t tested this yet. By the way, the Spades suit is made up of irregular tiles such as entrances/exits (stairs, cave mouths) and end of row tiles (with corridors on one side only - the “dead ends”). Does any of this make sense? ;)
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Edit: The card before the Hollow Tree exit is in fact impassable. I would have perished in the dungeon! D'oh. Playtesting…
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Inked Adventures Circular Rooms & Tower Levels.
Printable, re-usable, round chambers for dungeons and towers. 1"=5’ scale for 25/27/30mm minis.
Artist: Billiam Babble
Inked Adventures 2016

Fantasy monsters for a prototype game to go with my map and dice playing cards (geomorph maps). Left to right in rows: Iron Golem, Vampire, Adventurer, Medusa (Gorgon Sister), Sphinx, Water Serpent, Cyclops and torc, Sword. Having come to the conclusion that I struggle to draw dynamic, gritty, realistic humanoid monsters and characters, I’m trying to develop a style closer to my monster doodles, but I don’t want it to be too “Munkchin”-like. The solo prototype so far is seems so ridiculously simple to play, that I’m going to keep details I share to a minimum for now. However it’s a fun player vs. dungeon contents, dungeon crawler which is a bit random (low strategy), so one moment it can be rather dull and then the next it can be too deadly, but there’s a rawness about it all that might be fun to let people houserule it. The real question is, that with a 100+ cards, does every card need an illustration? The other question is how in earth I’m I going to finish my caves pack now? (not to mention a set of circular chambers which are ideal for towers in D&D)
I’m very fond of my manticore-like Sphinx. I have to admit that this all started with a bit of a duvet day. You never know, it might all lead to something amazing, one day. ;) Actually if all else fails, they can all go into a stock/clip art pack. :) #Fineliner #Moleskine #Notebook #illustration #RPG #dungeonsanddragons #pathfinder #dungeoncrawler #prototype #boardgame #doodle #InkedAdventures

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