inked wedding

Perhaps this is just a spark
a spark that will fade
when the rain comes
when someone new comes
I think this is a wildfire
I do not know if it can be stopped
—  m. a.

You are the waves of love that gave me life
the flame that ignites my soul
and I’m blessed that you mirror me
You are the beautiful quiet pause during an autumn evening
where time slows and my heart speeds

The cool summer breeze where flowers bloom for our love
and the sunset over the horizon role plays our passion intensely
while our souls tango until dawn and I’m captivated
by the sound of our steady heartbeats

Your love crafted me into a poet giving me a poetic bloodline
and I can describe our love in similes or metaphors
by saying we’ll be poetry in motion as we become intertwined
in what will hopefully be the next 60 years of our lives and more
seeing our future as the cliché, corny, unique love relationship
God has orchestrated us to be a part of

I’ll love you to the moon and back even though I can’t make it there
I will love you on your worst days because they count more than your best days
I will love you even when I have to reassure you repeatedly
of my love for you when your insecurities decide to play mind games
I promise to meet you halfway and indulge in all your interests
Maybe not all your interests but I will try just to see you happy

Love is found in the depths of my words
in the language of affection and intimacy
and I’m glad that I’m sharing all that I have with you
But just know there is no way out
and you’re stuck with me forever
and no we will not sign any prenuptial agreements

—  [Future] Wedding Vows

“being in love with you feels like time does not exist. like in the blink of an eye its 4 pm and my body is still tangled up under the sheets with yours, with no intention of getting up. the seconds go by so fast with you.

being in love with you feels like laughter. like the kind that you feel throughout your whole body. i never knew i could feel this much.

being in love with you feels like warmth. like i’m safe whenever i’m with you. you make me feel secure.

being in love with you feels like i have known you since the beginning of time. like my heart couldn’t find its rhythm until it beat next to yours. fuck, now i can finally breathe.

being in love with you feels like i am actually me. like i spent so long going through life blindfolded and now i can finally see. the life i’m living truly feels like my own.

being in love with you feels like coming home. like this is where i am supposed to be. i look at you and i am home.”

—  1/11/16

Little did I know the first time I laid my eyes on you that I was looking at the rest of my life.
If I were to go back in time and warn myself, I’d laugh it off as a cruel joke.
How could the stutter of a person, me be somehow lucky enough to be allowed to love someone like you.
Someone who’s steps are the roses to my garden of happiness
Someone who’s voice is the calm to any storm that might rage in my head
Someone who’s eyes I could look into for an eternity and feel infinite
Someone who’s mind is as addicting as the most illicit of drugs, and just as fun.
Someone like you.
I’ve never been so disillusioned to think that you aren’t perfection. You are. I’ve thought so since the first time I heard your laugh and known so since seeing you get so excited about Ikea. And snow. And babies. And bowling. And a whole lot of other things if we are being honest.
But thats exactly why I love you. I love you because the world is an exciting place when spent with you; and God knows that you make me feel unstoppable.
With you, my days are no longer numbered and my greatest depths are crossed with the distance of my voice to your ears.
With you the 6:00am sun is just a gift to see your face sooner, and the train a chance to think about you.
And think about you I always do.
So I promise to be the best I can be for you. I promise to kill those scary bugs, I promise to midnight dance with you, I promise to hold you when life is just a bit too hard. I promise to close the caps all the way, and I promise to never let a day go by in which I don’t tell you just how much I love you.

I love you like plants the sun, the ocean the moon, and the birds the sky. I love you, and I always will.

—  Casual Vacant #Wedding Vows I Never Spoke