inked up males



This particular character is named Al. One lucky person won the chance to get an MPreg story written by me, & I ended up liking the character a lot more than I expected to.

So the story behind this guy is that he got knocked up at the age of 21 by an orc he met a friend’s party.

He didn’t intend for this to happen though, & neither did the orc. Al had actually gotten wasted for the first time in his life (he didn’t drink alcohol) when he accidentally drank someone else’s drink, & he bumped into an Australian orc,whom was also rather drunk at the time. They hit it off & ended up in bed within the hour the very same night while still at the party.

Al never saw the orc again since that was the last day Nathan (orc’s name) was going to be in the U.S. But Al felt embarrassed that he had slept with a complete stranger after only chatting with him for less than an hour, & things got even more embarrassing when he saw the video another drunken friend of the orc’s had recorded of Nathan & he going at it.

3 Months later Al found out he was pregnant with Nathan’s baby & he panicked, because he never intended to have kids nor did he know how to handle kids. He was kicked out by his parents (especially since the baby was that of an orc’s), & Al moved to a cabin up in the mountains his folks had left him years back. He currently deals with the problems of being pregnant at a young age, being a single father (if he decides to keep the baby), sustaining himself & the baby, the problems of the pregnancy, & going to college soon.

Part of one of my stories called “The Cabin” where the guy gets knocked up (by an Orc) & has to deal with many concerns as his pregnancy progresses which include financial, health, & school issues, while also worrying about being a single father-to-be. Here he shares a moment with his kid about to watch a New York Giants game lol. Those snacks besides him are M&Ms, & then a water bottle. I think he is about 9 months long here (the average gestation period for a human with Orc is 10 months).