inked up guys

i’m in my prime,
not withering and old.
but i refuse to play
your wicked games any longer.

i know this tether is unbreakable,
but you make me feel like i’m interchangeable.
you drew a target on my heart,
when did this become fatal attraction?

i don’t have the strength,
the energy,
nor the patience
to be held hostage by your love.

so baby please don’t despair
when i say that
i’ve found the courage to
let you go.

you were never meant to be tied down in the first place.

—  believing i could love you was my mistake, c.j.n.

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if people were elements,
then we are ice and fire.

your touch is frost upon my burning skin,
my breath melts your frozen heart.
your kiss is cool against my lips,
and my heat warms you all the way down
to the tips of your toes.

and although we could complement each other,
beckon the other away from the end of polarity
to come and meet in the middle,
too much of one

will eliminate the other.

—  and i’d never forgive myself if i caused your destruction, c.j.n.



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The LORD will fight for you; You need only to be still. // Exodus 14:14

This discipline is so difficult, and I find myself more often than not battling myself to just be still. It’s such a beautiful thing to know that no matter how long a process takes us, He is still waiting for us. He never pressures us to complete something, but instead He is always faithful to complete the work that He began in us. He is faithful even when we wander. He is so beautifully patient. He is kind. Lately, I’ve been challenging myself to complete surrender and learning to be still in the Father’s perfect love….learning how to trust in His perfect way. It’s so much easier said than done.

Stoned love

Stop messing round with that fire,
Living like love is just a gun for hire,
Cos one moment its just messing round,
To your wiki saying she’s your spouse,
Oh but its not just girls,
Cos yeah one moment I was tearing off her blouse,
Now she says she’s living in my house,

Babe I know you said you’d never smoke pot,
Its just; that burned Like your first splif,
Now we just hanging around in the dark, you’re pale as a ghost.
Stop messing round now, cos am too stoned,
You’re know I can’t save you cos in this game am too gone,

She’s only seventeen, and thinks at sixteen am all there is,
But a degenerate kind, baby am definitely not what you need,
She wants to dance with devil, Mr brownstone is just grave,
Oh Y’know the drugs will drown her out, just too young,
Can’t believe this is my life, smoking and fucking in the back,

what’s going on behind your eyes? where does it hurt, deep in your chest or all in your head? i’ll stay up all night to make sure you’re not lonely.

it’s funny – for no one else would you catch me keeping my eyelids open with clothespins and pinching my cheeks to stay awake. but i would never leave you by yourself when you need someone. if you have no one else, at least you have me.

sleep is a long time coming. that’s okay. i’ll slip into the shadows of your hair and coil myself down deep until your breathing’s deep and even.

sleep, and know that

—  i love you // abby, day 138

anonymous asked:

why are people making bendy out to be a good character like, he's literally a killer in the game right? why are people trying to glorify that and make him sympathetic

LOL I’ve been joking about the same thing!  But in reality, it’s because of the first chapter having been released without Chapter 2 to illuminate a bit more of what’s going on for a while.  People began to theorize.

From the first chapter alone, and from the promotional works, it almost looks like the cartoon characters were brought to life against their own will.  Satanic summoning rituals aren’t exactly known for being pleasant, so people kind of unanimously assumed “oh hey, maybe Bendy and company are suffering.”  Add that to the fact that, at the time, all we saw of Boris was that he was dead – murdered, it looked like, and gruesomely dissected and left up for display.  We also had that graffiti to look at: “The Creator Lied to us.”

From the Sheep Songs poster, it looked as though Bendy and Boris might have been friends, so the assumption there was that Bendy might be trying to get revenge against the traitorous creators for whatever they did to him and Boris.

Of course, going off of these assumptions, it appears that the revenge sought by Bendy is justified, and Bendy wouldn’t have any way of knowing that Henry (another “creator”) was NOT in cahoots with the people torturing the toons.  Of COURSE he’d attack Henry, too!

Of course, with Chapter 2 out, we now can assume that the aforementioned graffiti was actually more likely the work of Sammy Lawrence (or some other whack-job who held the same beliefs as him), as Sammy’s key line “he will set us free” also appears in graffiti early on in Chapter 2.  Unless this line is also something written by Bendy or another toon and thus has a double-meaning, it looks like our Friendly Little Demon was not, in fact, the one who wrote the graffiti around the studio.  Perhaps it’s not the toons who were lied to by the Creator… but the staff members of the studio, like Sammy.

Add this to the satanic rituals all over the place and the fact that Bendy seems to be directly worshiped by former staff members in the studio, and Bendy is starting to look less and less like a sympathetic character.  But of course, at the time of Chapter 1′s release, we knew none of this.

Because of the fact that Chapter 1 had been released for quite some time before more story was revealed in Chapter 2, many of the game’s fans grew attached to the sympathetic-Bendy theories they had, and are still clinging to them in hopes that maybe Bendy will be at least SOMEWHAT sympathetic.  (I’m one of them, hahaha!)

But it’s not glorification of a killer, my dude – no need to take it so seriously.  It’s a matter of folks making optimistic theories early on and still hoping they’ll be somewhat true, even as they’re being disproved.


Instagram: loganmartintran

Instagram: loganmartintran