inked story

Maybe, meeting you—it was like a first kiss. A kiss like how they described it in books and how they’ve shown it in movies. Something like music without its lyrics, only those beautiful melodies. Something that will make you think of your wonderful dreams. Something that made your feet move up from the ground, that it feels like you’re flying. It’s like magic happening in reality. Meeting you—it feels like being excited about something that’s going happen. It’s like something that gives you mixed feelings, yet in the end, no matter how much it made you nervous, you’re still glad that it happened.
—  ma.c.a // It Was More Than Nice

the crossroads have seen too many girls
willing to sell their souls
for a beauty that already belonged to them.

a liminal space
where boundaries thin like wisps of smoke
in early dawn light.

but there is beauty in this too, soft pastel colours,
a quiet empty echo of laughter and then darkness,
encompassing and heavy, pressing into lungs
but still radiant somehow.

for now demons count souls
like dollar bills held close to devil red chests, smiles curling
because they think that they’ve won.

but one day those girls will see past black ringed promises
bartered at an intersection of road,
down to the skin that was already perfect
and that quiet empty echo of a soul that had been perfect too.

hell will see.
the four horsemen are nothing
compared to an army of girls ready to reclaim what is theirs.

l.s. | LIMINAL SPACE © 2017 

If that’s the way it is,
I’ll let it be so.

I don’t want to try anymore.
I don’t want to try so hard for
something that won’t matter
in the end.

I’m not fighting your battles
for you anymore.

my mother opens the sunroof on a roadtrip at midnight and i don’t bother pretending that the stars are small enough for me to count. instead, i talk about how the closest star is 4.24 light years away and how the next closest star is 4.37 light years away and how what we see now happened years ago.

i talk about how small we are. how we’re spinning at an alarming rate but we are so incredibly minuscule compared to our planet that it’s okay. one of my brothers doesn’t care and the other is tipsy, so i’m pretty sure i’m trying to get through to myself more than anyone else.

i just forget that we aren’t important sometimes, i guess. i have the audacity to think i’ll matter in 4.24 or 4.37 light years when i’m too quiet, too human to matter now. i could die or sleep forever or never get out of bed again and all of the stars are still exploding, you know? earth is still spinning and the sun is still burning. i’m not really sure if this makes me want to thrive, or if i want to explode myself now

—  there are 7 billion, 47 million people on the planet and i have the audacity to think i matter (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
It’s okay, you know. To not be in a relationship,” he had told her after her first heartbreak. “You don’t always need to have someone there with you, sometimes you just have to learn to be alone.
—  💜
Look who’s laughing now.
Who got past the pain, past the tears? Who outlasted the numbness of being alone?
Who showed you that being down does not mean being dead? That if it doesn’t kill me then it’s only a challenge, not the end? Who is moving on?
Look who’s crying now…….
A Dream Where She Was A Lion, A Place Where She Was A Mouse
A Dream Where She Was A Lion, A Place Where She Was A Mouse Varsha Iyer Copyright © 2017 by Varsha V. Iyer All rights reserved. This short story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission...

I’ve been wanting to post this for a long time and after a long process of editing and courage to actually publish it, here is the first short story I have ever actually finished and completed for the public to read. It is 17 pages and I won’t lie, it’s a lot to read, but if you do take the time out of your day to read it, it would mean the world to me. 

Disclaimer: This content does contain graphic content including references to rape and emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. If you are not comfortable with reading that, I would advise you to not read it all.

I relied on you so much. Everything I did and all my future plans always had you. I based my life around you. You told me it was the biggest mistake I can make. Making you my everything. You said to me that I didn’t need anyone. No one but myself in order to be happy. That I could accomplish everything without you. At the time I buried those words deep inside. There came a time when you were no longer a part of my life. And yes I was miserable and I was hurt and I though it was the end. But the words you once told me slowly surfaced. You were right. I didn’t need you. I didn’t need anyone. I sit here now and look around me at everything I accomplished all on my own. I made it without you.
That feeling in your stomach. The butterflies. I get them too.
—  I can’t forget