inked reality

Hope drives me
So don’t
Don’t give me false hope
Don’t pretend
Because my heart will tear
And you won’t care
—  enlightenedreader ~ 09/07/17 ~
How are you supposed to
move past it
If you keep repeating it
Over and over
Feeling yourself
Breaking apart
Again and again
—  enlightenedreader ~ 08/08/17 (1) ~

I am that sad human
Loving, caring, giving
Never receiving

I am that sorry human
Worthless, useless, helpless
Not good enough

I am that broken human
Weeping, shattering, bleeding
Not living, just existing

I am that torn human
Thinking, ticking, pondering.
Is it even worth living 

I spent a lot of time wishing that I could’ve been the pretty girl, but my eyes were never blue enough (they’re brown), and my skin was never smooth enough. And, then I desperately wished I could’ve been the smart girl, but come this fall I will not be attending Dartmouth. A small part of me even wanted to be the sporty girl, but I was the type of girl to skip gym class. The type of girl to drink coffee at 2:00 A.M. so, she could read into the night. The type of girl to love boys with fickle hearts. The type of girl to get lost. The type of girl who who found her self amongst a bed of roses, and heartbreak. In trying to be what I couldn’t be, I became who I am. I am that girl.
—  m.n // excerpt from a book I’ll never write (19)
No, I don’t want a picture perfect love story filled with only fun Saturdays. I don’t want our problems to be swept under the rug. I want a relationship filled with happiness, joy, sadness, passion, trust, faith, anger and most importantly, love. I want a reality with you.
—  a.c. // Let’s not dream fantasies, but dream a reality.

Kiss me
Lick me
Tempt me with desire
Your the man I admire
Lust crawling it’s way up my body
Willingly, I’m trapped in the backseat of this Bugatti
Feeling optimistic
You got me feeling futuristic

Kiss me
Lick me
Tempt me with desire
Your the one I’ve been searching for
Your my complete outlier
Searing hot and lit up like a match
You know exactly what your doing…
I’m obviously going to get attached
You got me electrified
Ooooh…. Daddy, you got me satisfied

- Kecia
Does it always
Have to feel like this
Like it’s my fault
Like I’m to blame
For the way it went
And you keep coming back
To make me feel worse
—  enlightenedreader ~ 08/08/17 (2) ~