inked girlfriend

clingy and annoying doesn’t bother me when it’s from the right person, i literally do not mind if my boyfriend sends me a picture of a car he likes at 3am even if I’m not really into cars, his first thought was ‘i know imma send that to my girlfriend’ and yes i love that shit

Long distance is not easy.

It is not easy to watch someone through a screen instead of your eyes tracing the curves of their face while they’re standing in front of you.

It’s not easy to have a bad day and not be able to see one of the only people that can make it better. For something exciting to happen and not be able to celebrate about it that night.

To not be able to have brunch on Sunday morning, or make dinner plans for when you get off work, or snuggle up together on the couch for one of the nights a tv show comes on that you both love.

Sometimes you miss them so much and it’s like you can’t get relief from it. Sure, you plan times to see each other but some nights are bad and you need them right now and you need to touch them or you’ll die and your heart has never felt so lonely.

Long distance is not easy but one day it will be worth it. One day you’ll live in a cute apartment together where you can wake up next to each other and fuck each other to sleep and a see you later means see you tonight when we get off and it’s time for dinner. Long distance is a choice. It’s a commitment to say, “I love you more than all of the distance between us.”

—  you will always be worth it

You had asked me
“What did I do to deserve you?”
And I simply smiled
Telling you that it was a discussion
For another day

And that night
I wished that I had told you

That you were the one
Who hung the stars
And painted the sky
You guided the wind
And calmed the sea

That you were the one
Who grew dandelions
In your heart
And raised walls
Around them

That you were the one
Who taught the birds
Their captivating melodies
And created a symphony
For mother nature

That you were the one
Whose love was as deep as the ocean
As raging as the red flower
As wild as a hurricane
And as infinite
As the universe

That you were the one
Whose face is my favorite sight
Whose voice is my favorite sound
Whose lips are my favorite taste
And whose touch is my favorite feeling

That you were the one
Created by Grandmother Earth
And the waves became
Your golden tresses
And the soil became
The temple
That I worshiped

That you were the one
Who sheltered me
Within your open arms
And listened to me
With an open mind

That you were the one
Who saved me
From drowning in the abyss
Of my thoughts
And breathed life
Into my dreary lungs

—  A poem, for the one I cannot love

If people will be named after colors, I’ll call you purple. The kind of purple that melts in the sky when the sun is about to set and take a rest for awhile. The type of purple that makes my heart jumps a little and lits up the excitement in my eyes.

If people will be named after flowers, you’ll be my rose, no matter how painful your thorns. I’ll embrace you with my arms open wide and cage you in a warm tight hug. Even if it makes me bleed red that’ll surely tear my heart apart.

If people will be named after seasons, I’ll choose Summer among all of those four. You’ll be the sun that kisses my skin, and made my day goes lighter along the way. You’ll make me love the ocean more, and dance to groovy songs. You are the season which will never get tired of warming my heart when Winter tried to cool it with its cold breeze and snowy hands.

If people will be named after places, I’ll call you home. Not Paris, nor New York. You are the place that will always make my heart aches when I’m away—because I’ll surely miss you the moment we took our separate ways. You are the shelter that protects my heart, the one I will always run to no matter what I’m feeling. Happy, angry, sad, jolly, grateful or in love. Because you always understand and know the real me. You’ve seen me— on my ups and downs, and still accepts me— for who I am. I’ll name you after a place that doesn’t have a fancy name, yet will always be the one that will tell me that it’s okay to feel. That it’s okay to be me.

You will always remain in my heart no matter where I go.

And because people have identities, and so are things.

But you and your name will always be my favorite.

—  ma.c.a // Maybe I should Call You Mine
I know that in the end I’ll probably just be a page, or maybe even a chapter in your book. Even if that’s the case, I hope I’ll be one you go back and read often. And as you run your fingers over our words,
I hope you smile.
—  Daren ColbertOur Story
please, for just once in your life go for the guy who makes you happy and not the one who is a challenge.
go for the one who is cute and sweet, and not for the one who thinks that ignoring you will make things more interesting.
go for the one who will treat you like a queen, and not the one who thinks that you’re just like every other girl.
go for the one who is ready to choose you forever, not the one who can’t choose between you and several others.
go for the one who will make you see your worth and not the one who will make you question it.
—  e.s. // go for ‘that’ guy. please.
the day we break up, that day forth, i can’t tell you how I feel. i am not even entitled to know how you feel. but that doesn’t mean i would stop loving you. but that doesn’t mean my heart would beat any slower when i hear your name.but that doesn’t mean i’d stop hoping its a text from you every time my phone vibrates. but that doesn’t mean i stop loving you. it means i no longer can tell you i love you. and that sucks. because it means i no longer can hear you stay those words to me.
—  the day we break up// lessons for karan
What if I see you again?
Will I turn the other way?
Or will I stop in front of you,
and ask how you got away?
What if I end up striding right past you, acting like strangers who didn’t know each others pasts or days?

But what if I never even get the chance to think about doing any of that?
What if I never see you again?
Will I still spend every moment thinking of you?
Or will I end up forgetting about what we had, and start fresh with someone new?
—  a.a.
If only I knew…
we’re all sorry when it’s too late.
we’re all so fucking sorry.
but sorry doesn’t fix anything,
because words have already been said and things have already been done, and sorry is just another lame excuse for ourselves to feel better.
—  e.s. // ‘sorry’.
And if one day she leaves you, just know that it probably took everything in her to walk away.
She doesn’t just give up on people like that,
and god that was one of the things I loved about her…
—  a poem by someone who once loved me,

“how did you know that it was over? that you should leave him?”, she asks her best friend.

“simple. i asked myself two questions: do i love him? and, does he make me happy?”


“yes, yes i love him. but no, he doesn’t make me happy. and just being in love with someone isn’t enough. if that someone can’t make you happy, all the love in the world can’t help you. you will just end up destroying yourself for someone who isn’t even worth it.”

—  e.s. // all the love in the world can’t help you.