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quick humanized doodle of the Bulbasaur evolution line.

I was thinking a good place to locate the bulb would be on the top of their head, highest place, most likely to get light and such, but then I thought it would be too silly, too hat like… then I thought if I could make it work, so here it is!

More seriously, I was wondering where I should place the Bulb/Flower on the back, lower or top, or maybe put it on the front, on their chest but they would probably need to be much smaller.

Any suggestions or ideas are more than welcome!

New relationships are always the worst.

Just a matter of time before I get hurt.

Thoughts I Have In Bed #1218

I’m waiting to find the girl I can dance with late at night under the street lights. The girl I can sit with beside a lake and watch the moon glide over the reflection of its surface. The girl I can curl up next to at night, or wake up next to in the morning and think there’s nowhere else I rather be even though her hair is a mess, her mouth is open, and she’s taking up half of the bed. The girl I can wrap my arms around from behind and give her a cheeky kiss on the neck when she’s being sweet and making dinner. The girl I can bring coffee in the morning with post-it notes stuck to the side with little poems confessing how beautiful she is. The girl I can hold hands with even when we’re out at breakfast because I can’t stand to be away from her. The girl who will cry into my shoulder because she trusts me more than anyone else and knows I’ll protect her. The girl I can give massages to and never feel like it’s a chore because she appreciates it every damn time. The girl with the contagious laughter that’s so magical it’s impossible not to laugh too, even if it’s at nothing. The girl who doesn’t have to say anything, but her eyes say it all. The girl that will go on walks with me no matter what, even if it’s to play in the rain. The girl who isn’t afraid to have picnics only to run from all the bees trying to steal our food. The girl who will leave me voicemails because she knows I miss the sound of milk and honey in her voice. The girl who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell me how she feels. The girl that texts me just to tell me about something that made her happy. The girl who doesn’t mind silence, so when we’re reading we can just smile across the room from each other and know that even through the silence our smiles scream something more.

Don't just eat her out. Kiss her pussy lips, suck her clit, slurp her juices up, finger fuck her till she drip and make her body shiver while you make that pussy quiver. And when she screams, lick her all over while she creams

“I’m telling you, we were beaten up by a cartoon band.”

I was watching Gorillaz Charts Of Darkness mockumentary last night and wanted to draw Jamie and Damon in the psych ward scene because a) I love how Phase 1 is just one big hot mess of them figuring out how to promote a cartoon band through the mind of the person who created Tank Girl so it just feels like everyone’s on an acid trip b) I’m easily amused by Jamie Hewlett’s poo poo humor and c) because I just wanted to make this trash drawing of them beat up and looking dejected I’m so sorry, forgive me Internet.