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mom I'm bisexual but I'm religious and I'm terrified of falling in love with a girl and having her love me back and making mistakes. I ~want~ a girlfriend but I know I'd always feel guilty

okay so here’s the big question:
do you feel guilty because of your beliefs or someone else’s?

i’m stuck in between not believing somedays and believing there’s some like cool, inked up, hip-happenin’ dude with sunglasses and a skateboard chillin’ on a cloud that’s like “love who you love, i got your back if you need to talk” others.

so idgaf what anyone says,
if i love the person, i’m going to love them until i am no longer able to.

We are not obligated to want each other forever. When I ask you to be with me, I’m not pulling you into a promise you’re not ready to make, I’m just asking you to be with me. Be here. Take up space. Don’t let time swallow empty seconds– make this worthwhile. It’s foolish to believe that every person you cave for is meant to stay. But that doesn’t make wanting them any less important. Maybe we’re not meant to be, maybe a lifetime is too long, maybe we’ll only last during the calm before the storm. And that’s okay. If life was an exchange of hearts, I’d gladly take yours for a while. It is worth it to know that there was at least a time when we were enough for each other.
—  It’s not always about forever

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(Whoo! Late reply.) Hopefully, when the game gets deeper and more intense, we'll get more creepy Bendy >:P I want to see people expand upon what Bendy really is. Same issue came with FNaF; those animatronics were clearly evil. Lets just hope when the fandom grows, it'll mature as well. Tired of seeing people wanting to kiss/fuck/baby the demon. He's not gonna show up in your house, and if he does...I pray for you (lol) He's a summoned demon. Pentagram and all. Ink poisoning exists :/ Just stop.

I know right?

I glad what someone agrees with me. So, here is a lil’ bonus for ya. I was about to delete it, but you kinda inspired me, so i finished it.

And here goes my another hc, what Bendy is kinda in charge here as he supposed to be the main character and all the others are just his minions or something. Also, all of them have some defects. Bendy, for example, melting when he is under strong/hard feelings, so that’s why he needs to drink ink (and it’s the only thing he uses as food), also he has some kind of inkinesis (like telekinesis, but with ink xD).

To talk about Boris. His difect is inability to talk. He is shy, but attentive and obedient, that’s why he is main Brendy’s minion. Sometimes Boris can be a bit sloppy or witted and this always drives our demon crazy.

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on a sweet note, what if the game ended with boris and the others getting through to bendy and he just melts into this little tiny bendy self as his friends give him hugs, and then when henry's about to leave, bendy runs and hugs his leg, and the game ends with you picking him up and just saying. 'You're okay now're okay.'