inked duckies

I thought it would be adorable to see a more relaxed and even more vulnerable Randus then we are used to.
Just a cute, awkward, one armed man, enjoying the little things in life with his little friend. (This was done using markers and ink)

It was so fun watching Rou stream chapter 3 today! :D Even if it eventually got too laggy for me, I’m glad I could be part<3

I just wanna say that I’m really proud of Rou too. He’s putting himself out there, playing games like he’s wanted to, like a youtuber! :V He’s starting to follow his dreams. I’m really proud of that. I can’t wait to see where else he goes uvu

Nyoom, my Ducky! Be Brave! 

anonymous asked:

When Bendy finds the eviscerated Boris, he decides to fix him to he fills him with random crap he finds, like ink bottles, paper, rubber duckies, whatever fits cause that's totally how you fix people. He genuinely didn't know what to do.

Poor Bendy Boi