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I did have a cute illustration planned for today, but all my writing time was spent in airports and on planes, so I call this my travel writing picture. Day 10 of the June journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

Pen: Pilot Vanishing Point, EF
Ink: De'Atramentis Jane Austen
Writing Music: The Human Condition, Jon Bellion

Inktober Day 16: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, starring Mr. Darcy Crow and Elizabeth Bennet Crow, nib pen and ink on paper

This was suggested by @mountcynthusdesign - thank you! But I was going that way anyway. I just couldn’t decide between this book and Emma. Both have great film adaptations, too - I loved both the BBC miniseries and the Hollywood versions of P and P, and even the Bollywood version, Bride and Prejudice (great music!).

Also happy to be evening out my gender balance in this series.

Do I like fantasy novels? I guess you could say that. Day 6 of the March challenge by @journaling-junkie

I’m sorry it’s been a while, I’m doing my first play in a while and it has taken over everything. But we’re getting close to opening so I’m dedicating time to getting back on track with posting!

Pen: Pilot E95S, Extra Fine
Ink: De'Atramentis Jane Austen

My August aesthetic: scotch bottles, old books and green ink. August is my favorite month, partly because it’s my birthday month and partly because for me it always starts the transition to fall. Day 1 of the August challenge by @journaling-junkie This is technically an old page, I’m having a pen crisis at the moment so I don’t have current writing to show.

Blah Blah Blah! - Inktober #6!
 -  A cutie vampire, with the title inspired by this catchy tune by Say Hi that I only just realized was called “Blah Blah Blah” due to what vampires always shout as they’re about to bite ya -
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