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Not just Ink and Paint Girls. Women pioneers in the Golden Age of American Animation
My graduation film - an informative video about some of the female animators from the Golden Years of Animation, who still remain widely unknown. I do not ow...

Hello, guys! This is my graduation film - an informative video about some of the female animators from the Golden Years of Animation, who still remain widely unknown. It is the first video that I have created so I know that it is pretty amateurish, but I hope you guys will enjoy it and will find the information interesting.

I do not own any of the rights for the movie and photo material used in this film. For educational purposes only. (I have tried to list everything in the credits of the film, but if you see something, that is inappropriately used or credited, do not hesitate to write so in the comments under the video. Thank you!)

All graphics and animation are made by myself. Please, do not use without my permission. Thank you all for watching! Cheers!

The Archie reboot not only rekindled my love for the Riverdale universe, it also exposed me to some incredible artists, like Veronica Fish (I have two beautiful pieces from her) and Thomas Pitilli, who created this amazing (not a word I use lightly) artwork.

Thomas enthusiastically agreed to a Bughead piece for me, and the final result is worlds beyond what I could have ever hoped for. He is an exceptional artist and a really nice fellow, so please go and follow him on IG (pretty sure he’s thomaspitilli everywhere), etc. Can’t wait to hang this baby up!

P.S. Please no editing this original post if you decide to share. I would hate to see him not getting the deserved credit. Thanks, guys. :)


There are…. Two kinds of sole survivors. Betty is the second kind. 


I’ve played through Nukaworld twice now both as the ender to all raiders in the park and as a bad decision-making overboss and let me say… It’s pretty fun being bad and I’ve grown very very attached to my raider character, Betty ‘itty bitty’Avalon.

People ignite me and walk away. But yet are shocked when they return to a pile of ashes and pain.
—  M.C.E Nothing fucks you up more than people.

a nuclear fission in her soul || a female sole survivor mix || fallout 4 

i. atom bomb baby // the five stars ii. welcome to the jungle // postmodern jukebox iii. pistol packin’ mama // bing crosby iv. it’s a man // betty hutton v. crawl out through the fallout // sheldon allman vi. seven nation army // postmodern jukebox vii. whole ‘lotta shakin’ goin’ on // big maybelle viii. you can’t get a man with a gun // betty hutton ix. i want to be evil // eartha kitt x. civilisation // danny kaye xi. rocket 69 // connie allen xii. the wanderer // dion xiii. i hate to see me go // margaret whiting xiv. crazy he calls me // billie holiday xv. he’s a demon, he’s a devil, he’s a doll // betty hutton xvi. good neighbour // lynda carter xvii. maybe // the ink spots xviii. uranium rock // warren smith xix. orange coloured sky // nat king cole || LISTEN


Wana see something freaky?? 

The top image is a shot i did for a company called Gutterqueen in 2013…

The image below is the gutter queen stand at the Manchester Tattoo Convention in 2013…

Pretty normal yes??…

Well the bottom image is of my current boyfriend (in 2015) dickiesmithmodel manning the stall, look at the framed picture under his thumbs up!! We didn’t meet until 5/6 months ago, I’m a big believer in fate and if something is meant to happen it will happen, it makes me feel freaked out and warm and fuzzy at the same time.
Also weirdly enough there were multiple occasions where we should have met and we just didn’t (shows we should have met but we never bumped into each other or events one of us missed for some unknown reason) 

Top image: 
Photography/Retouch: aaronbennettblog
Model/MUA/Styling: miss-deadly-red
Necklace: GutterQueen