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Pablo Genovés (Spanish, b. 1959, Madrid, Spain) - 1: La Ultima Biblioteca, 2010  2: El Palco (The Box), 2011  3: Juicio Final, 2011  4: La Nube 2, 2009  5: Templo del Sol, 2012  6: La Reconquista de Lo Visisble, 2013  7: Los Nuevos Dioses, 2011  8: Cosmology, 2013  9: Final En El Sur, 2011  Digital Collages

One of the most difficult, trying things is when you must pretend to be oblivious or uninterested, when in reality, you are obsessed. When someone likes you, but you musn’t be too amusing and charming towards them. I hate having to hold others or myself back for my own good.
—  B. E. Barnes 

and she’ll burst—
like a sun-kissed wave crashing against the shore; like a monochrome painting tearing at the seams
and she’ll bloom—
like a heart-shaped moon against a pitch-black sky; like pure sunlight seeping into your skin
and she’ll fade—
like a bird trapped in a blizzard, like a young star dying for the sake of the universe

she will—

when the clouds of men pull their dark cloaks over her starlit eyes.

—  don’t let suns like her be eclipsed / alina