inked adventures

She was both an old soul and a free spirit. It was hard to understand her, but oh lord did you want to try.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #166
Dry-Erase Counters or tokens for tabletop RPGs and skirmish games
Dry-Erase Counters or tokens for tabletop RPGs and skirmish games. Ideal for games like Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons, or coinage in LARP games. 15 counters in one pack. 1 inch wide blank counters - ideal as substitute miniatures or status tokens. Players can mark the counters with a dry-erase pen (white board marker) with words or symbols relating to the game being played. For Example Orc 3, Dazed. 25mm/1inch across. 2-3 mm deep. Pen illustrated border (repeat printed) with blank area for customisation. Laminate card topped. Rubberised-plastic backing to minimise slippage on a game mat or smooth surface. Made/assembled in the UK Line art by Billiam Babble, Inked Adventures 2017. Warning about use: The rubberised backing may be flammable - avoid use around naked flames. Contains small parts, swallow hazard - supervise children.

Dry Erase Counters now on Etsy.


Some Taakos before/after Lup and Kravitz and some Kravitz studies (and a bonus Blupjeans ✨❤✨)

(ps: I’ve been on vacation on a wonderful island and all I could think of was the stolen century beach episode and how all the squad would perfecly fit in. I took a lot of photos so I may be working on that soon)


Adventures in trying to revisit Bendy’s actual canon mischievous maliciousness, plus one obligtory doodle of him running.  Thanks for hanging out at the stream, guys!  It was tons of fun watching one of my favorite old cartoons with you, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. :D

(On that note, I leave you with this mental image: Bendy with Coconuts’ voice.)

She’s the wanderlust girl,
always running from
one place to another,
partly because she loves
seeing the world,
but mostly because
no one has ever given her
a reason to stay.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 55

and how does Magnus die?


i’m not gonna get a chance to finish this until this weekend, so I wanted to post a WIP now while we’re still on the day of. I get fairly emotional over TAZ on a weekly basis, but still wasn’t prepared for that, dammit Griffin.

This is the image I immediately had of that house on the astral plane. Inspired by one of my favorite paintings of all time, Die Toteninsel (Isle of the Dead) by Arnold Bocklin.