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What it says on the tin! I really don’t like the thought of them disappearing in plain sight amongst the rest of the clutter, so I made a masterlist. Some of these links refer to conversations I was only a part of rather than the main contributor.

New additions are at the bottom of a list. Updates will be listed at the very bottom of the post with the update date.

Posts I haven’t added to the list yet can be found on my ’to masterlist hxh’ tag.

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I’ve wanted to make a follow forever for some time now, and I finally made one after a thousand years of procrastination. And even though it’s a bit (maybe too) late, Happy New Year, guys! I wish you all the best in your lives! Um, so now, I really suck at speeches, so I’m going to make this quick to not get you bored (and wow! I’m using formal English and proper grammar since forever on this site! Amazing.) To start, I want to thank every single one of my followers for sticking with me and my lameness and never-ending over-emotional fangirling over the past years. I genuinely appreciate it. I also gift my gratitude to the people I follow and my mutuals for making my dash an explosively fun place that gratifies my weebish (and aesthetic) thirst. I’ve met and befriended a lot of awesome, talented, super lovely people on here whom I’ve never imagined being friends with. Thank you all a ton! :’)

Bolded: My hella awesome mutuals

Italicized: My hella rad friends (A virtual high-five to all of you dudes ✋)

(btw, I tried to keep sideblogs to a minimum)

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uaa it’s my first time doing this!!! (i hope it’s not too late?) i joined the hxh fandom this year and wowie so many of you are all such amazing people!!! truly a fortunate thing ^-^ i hope you ALL have an awesome day~ i also hope i did this right/?? anywaYS YEA

lots of mutuals, but also includes super awesome fav/senpai blogs! hover over urls for a thing


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