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How do you feel about the stereotype that nice guys finish last?

not always true. it is just something that some guys say to make up for their unluckiness. Actually those are the nice guys who go after the “hot douche girls.” If you stick with the nerdy type and let me tell you the nerdy ladies of tumblr are amazing and attractive, then i think that you can actually find a good girl and have them be amazing. Douches take in a lot of ladies but they do not last long before they realize he is a douche because women are damn smart. Everyone can finish fine.

I am apologetic.

Castiel couldn’t breathe. His body had, it seemed, of it’s own accord shut down and left him alone, helpless for all but to stare horribly transfixed at the sight before him, he had rounded the corner of the back hallway, intent in his step with sweaty palms and butterflies in his stomach and then-he had seen. Lysander breathed her name, his voice painting it in colours that were a horrid sort of beautiful, in her own eyes a sweetness that left him empty, empty for he knew in that sliver of him that had been doubtful from the beginning that he could not replicate that, the way that now his arms seem to fit like they were made for her waist, the way that she now looked at him, wonderment and a wary benevolence in her gaze and- the spell was broken, she had seen, “Castiel?”, her eyes widened, the tenderness leaving her only to be replaced by confusion. That was all there was here for him, confusion, somehow they always ended up here.

I don’t know once again I am so very sorry

—- ((Lol my ass you’re sorry but kudos this is beautifully written.))

People had already started to dig in. Half of the people were too scared to try it and the other half loved it. I made a sign so I didn’t have to spend the whole night explaining what it was, but I ended up doing just that anyways XD Had a great time and raised a bunch of money for PFLAG. I really hope my church reconciles. Everyone is pretty welcoming and the LGBT group has never had a problem with the congregation, but it would be awesome if the church made it official and became a Reconciling Ministry. All means ALL, Methodists! 

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guuurl, you’re right, if the little shit won’t be educated by his parents then you have the right to yell at him…

Thanks. I held my temper the first time he did it, but this was the second time and there was no way in hell I was gonna let there be a third. My Aunt claims she would have disciplined him herself but she wasn’t fucking there to do it, was she? Because she never watches her fucking kids. She gets me to do it or my Mum to do it and just lets them run around completely destroying other peoples property, then never hosts a family event herself because she ‘doesn’t want people messing up her house’. Ugh. Sorry. Anyway, again, thank you. <3 I think I did the right thing. 

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I would yell at his parents about how to better discipline their children.

I was very tempted to yell at my Aunt, but she’s incredibly stubborn and I already knew it would have been a lost cause. She never accepts criticism of any kind. Ever. My Uncle would have listened but I didn’t want to yell at him..