I slept with emotional abuse
and woke up to salt water still
filling me, years-after.

When I am lonely, I know how
to twist every memory into their favor.  
When I am not, I know how
to twist every memory into their favor.

Mix their name with excuse,
treat every warning sign like a
misunderstanding, I’m really good
at the words you don’t know
them like I do

—  valentina thompson, excerpt from x.
i have to get away from you, not because i hate you
but god, do i  l o v e  you,
like you’re the horizon and i’m the sun.
i wake up just for you, stretching every morning as though today
i’ll reach your face and brush your hair away; i sink into you
when i’m feeling lonely, when things are getting
too dark for me, you are my solid ground,
the only thing i want to be near.
—  being in love with the hilltops // a.l.h. // 8-26-15
Art Oriented AUs
  • This random artist that I don’t know at my university keeps on using me in big pieces that they have and I don’t know whether or not I should be flattered or creeped out
  • Every piece that I have of you, you never smile! I’m now making it my own personal mission to get you to actually smile so I can draw it
  • So I just asked this person I see everyday at my favourite [insert fave hang out place] to be my muse and shit they think I’m asking them out and I really don’t wanna break it to them
  • This random person just asked me to be their “muse” or something like that; are they asking me out?
  • I have a habit of drawing NSFW pictures of my crush and oh god no said crush just got their hands on my sketchbook
  • We’ve been marathoning Ink Master on Netflix and making our own comments and critiques on the pieces inked per episode

A constant reminder to me that just because someone doesn’t fit the societal standards of beauty, doesn’t mean that they don’t have the heart of a princess. Also that just because someone looks like a princess, doesn’t mean that the outward beauty they portray will be shown in their actions. Get to know people before you make judgements based on first impressions.

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Here's a mental picture that fucked me over so I thought I'll share it with you: Zach wanting to get one of Hope's tattoos

fuck, no.