ink on paper


Some Taakos before/after Lup and Kravitz and some Kravitz studies (and a bonus Blupjeans ✨❤✨)

(ps: I’ve been on vacation on a wonderful island and all I could think of was the stolen century beach episode and how all the squad would perfecly fit in. I took a lot of photos so I may be working on that soon)

AUTUMN IS COMINGfrom my sketchbook ©Lolle  (2017)
* media: ink on paper + photoshop

Awww!!  (ノ♡ヮ♡)ノ*:・゚✧ Autumn is coming and I really can’t wait!! it’s my fav season ever! and there are a lot of activities that I love to do during fall… baking cakes, carving pumpkins, drink cappuccinos, wear sweaters, watch movies, exploring woods, find new inspirations… and what about you? what’s your fav activities during this marvelous season?

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because so many People asked me how i did this inktober cat piece (first picture), i made this negative painting demo with some bears. The Bears don´t turn out that nice like the cats but i think you can see how i did it :)


my inktober cat family is now avaiable as DIN A4 print in my etsy store

Jackson Pollock, Untitled, Ink on paper, c. 1950