ink yami

Just trying to remember that traditional is also an option when I want to knock out a quick doodle but not fry my eyes with a computer monitor.  It’s hard since I’ve been primarily a digital artist since 2011.  Trying to get back with my ink roots!

Didn’t sign since I don’t consider it complete quite yet. Might touch up later.

Leshy ([Leshii’] рус. Леший “Forest man”) — a woodland spirit, the master of forests in east-slavic (and most-commonly russian) mythology, protector of local flora and fauna. In most tales leshy looks like an old-man, endowed with both animal and plant characteristics. It is noteworthy that in its characteristics animal/plant nature may prevail over human: leshy might look both like a tree covered in human skin or like a wolf with human eyes, for example. Leshye (I have no idea how to say “leshy” in plural in english) are shapeshifters, therefore their appearance is a totality of the infinite variations between animal, human and plant characteristics. In any form, however, leshye have a blue blood, and that is why their faces are bluish. As zealous owners, leshies control everything that happens in the forest, including animal migrations, tree growth and even human activity.
Leshy is not harmful for humans only in case if they show a deep respect to the forest and it’s inhabitants and don’t forget about special rituals. Otherwise he enjoys luring travelers into the most deepest and dangerous places of his forest, causing illness and insanity, robbing or even kidnapping. According to the legends, to do that leshy appears in a more or less human form, though his clothes worn inside-out and continued mumbling “walked, found, lost” gives him out. If a person manages to spot a leshy in a form of a stranger, he has to shout a protective spell, after witch leshy would disappear.
It is believed that leshye can perfectly imitate different voices of humans, animals, birds (and even sound of trees). They like to sing (never in human language, though), accompanying themselves with claps and their beloved whistling. It is prohibited to whistle in the forest, by the way, because it was thought to be leshy’s privilege.

rough inks for a yami yugi!anzu idea i have that I would LOVE to do a doujin for when i have the time

when i looked up anzu, saw anzu is the name of a sumerian kind of deity type who was killed via feather stabbing. so I thought it’d be cool if she (with yami yugi possessing her) would have to partake in a darts game a la s0 yami yugi stakes in order to avenge yugi (who’s not dead no worries)