ink tango

May I have this dance?

like that one dance
easy steps
around each other
all over the floor
swaying from side to side

music like that one time
a steady piano
a crying violin
no space in between
your hands in mine
around around around

do you remember
the lyrics in the silence
between beats of beats of beats

do you remember
that feeling of closeness
a fierce tango
red rose
closer closer closer

I can still feel
your hand
against my smaller back
leading me
in that waltz
around around around

may I have this dance?

Haley Williams bringing up somebody from an audience… Which is amazing. She’s the first person to do that all day, and she makes them feel special, she makes it their show. She’s so passionate about music. Just another reason to like her.

so Coyote Tango’s decal...

Please God someone tell me Coyote Tango’s decal is the terrible, terrible tramp stamp Luna got tattooed over her butt that time she and Tamsin got drunk and rowdy before they were properly together, when Tamsin dared Luna to get a tattoo, and Luna - being Luna, and never one to back away from a challenge because you can take the girl out of Tottenham but you can’t take Tottenham out of the girl - agreed

and because Luna lost the bet, Tamsin got to pick the design and she fully expected Luna to back down when she saw the stupid thing but Luna didn’t (because she’s Luna bloody Pentecost) so they staggered out of the parlour tipsy at five in the afternoon with wadding taped over Luna’s back and more over the two cheesy blue swallows on Tamsin’s ankle she got as a sign of solidarity,

and if that stinging blood-spotted moment they stood in the street weighing up the ouches against the walk back to base wasn’t the moment Tamsin fell 100% no-backsies no-bullshit in love with Luna–

It’s a running joke, that tattoo. It means you sign up for something, and you go through with it. No matter how much it’s going to hurt.

(Also it’s a trashy-as-all-get-out tramp stamp and no one can convince me for a second that Luna Pentecost didn’t have a wild phase that made her brother cringe, or that far too many Glory Days drinking night stories didn’t centre around Luna, Tamsin and Stacker’s shenanigans.)

Luna bloody Pentecost. Coyote bloody Tango.