ink spatter

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’

Adam Levine & Co were joined by everybody’s favourite dirrty girl, Christina Aguilera, to produce a fun party jam celebrating the moves of the funkiest frontman this planet has ever seen. It pretty much lit up the charts worldwide and introduced a buff ink-spattered Levine to the people. Mums around the world were hooked.

Pinktober Day 3, Hannibal. Whipped up a quick one last night, of this twisted pairing - they’re so messed up, they deserve each other. I rewatched the series all the way through recently and that finale still holds up fantastically. I listened to Love Crime the whole time I was spattering the ink!

For accompanying reading may I suggest the bloody fantastic AU comics by @reapersun? They’ve done an especially interesting “continuation” of the series called Wayfinding, and it’s superb.

I gave you something dark
In hopes that you’d make it beautiful
And for a while you could
Until it became so dark
That you could not see
The shapes my lips make