ink for life

It’s a tragically beautiful thing, don’t you think,
to have somebody to miss.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 61
“Cross country”
Words can’t describe the dull, everlasting ache I feel deep in my chest when I see you with her.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write
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Ignorant Lover

I don’t know what it’s like
Waking up to a lover
While intertwined
Under the covers.
I don’t know what it’s like
Caressing her spine
As the sun comes up
In the summer.
And I definitely don’t know
what it’s like
Looking in her eyes
Confessing that I love her.

I rained love on you
But you held up an umbrella,
I blew love your way
But you closed the windows,
And I shined love on you
But you stood under the shades.
So I’m just gonna give you
Your space
And take my love out of
Your face.

I want to go back before the beginning, I want to experience after the end. I feel so terribly stuck in the middle, so full of almosts and kind ofs that I fear I will be suspended in shades of grey my whole life.
—  life in grey-scale // Mt // talking extremities
It's There for Their Taking

I get tired of the games
That people play
When they’re there for their
Own time and place
While you’re your only

They make all of the excuses
Of why they can’t be
Here for you to
Hear the truth to
Comfort you
While you have to drop it all
Be at their beck and call.

But the victim is them
The poor and innocent
Who was so hurt
While you stop for their needs
There for their feast
They’re there to get their fill
Until someone better comes along.

I know it’s you
It’s what you do
We get so wrapped up
In popularity that we crave
Acceptance that we seek
It’s its own monster
You’re there,
You’re aware,
You feed
Your beast
While they soak up
Don’t reciprocate
Make no mistake
It’s its own ego
Surrounded by insanity
Becoming all they’ve hated
To feel complete

While you lay awake at night
Blaming yourself
Making excuses
Of why they hurt you
But, allowing them to do it

-H. Murcia 12:08PM 5/24/2017

Nothing Is Alright

I guess it’s about time I admit that nothing is alright,
my scars have stopped healing and I don’t remember the feeling of a full nights sleep,
I miss you with the marrow of every bone I have,
but most days these bones aren’t mine anymore
These bones don’t obey me
they don’t stand when I should
or walk when I want
they cower in corners and they buckle themselves back to bed
even when every fibre
and neuron
and element of my brain is trying to just
Sit the fuck back up again.
My own body is a disobedient host,
I’m a flea on my own shoulder
sucking blood to stay awake
but all it’s doing is draining me
Dripping deadly dry
Till I lose all the energy I need
To sit back up again
Even my white flag cuts itself red
Every breath I take
All I taste is lead
Nothing is alright
But as of yet I’m still not dead

I’m disgusted by these lines
That crawl up my spine
Across my chest
Digging into my heart
Because of you
Because of you
Because of all I gave
To you.

-H. Murcia 5/15/2017 7:00PM