ink explosions

This special weapon is called Splashdown. An Inkling who activates it will jump into into the air and then strike the ground, sending an explosion of ink onto nearby players and surfaces. This special weapon can also be activated mid-Super Jump, creating an explosion of ink upon landing. This technique may be very useful when coming to the aid of a teammate who is under attack.


Ink Explosions

  1. Martin Klimas places ink on a speaker to produce sonic ink explosions.
  2. Alberto Seveso creates underwater ink sculptures in teal and purple.
  3. Mark Mawson explodes ink underwater to create mushroom clouds of color.

Her first kiss wasn’t like she had expected. It wasn’t an explosion of fireworks. It wasn’t a spark of desire. It wasn’t any sort of bang or blast.

It was soft and warm and seeped through her skin like sunlight. It was like the hearth of a fire, and it radiated with the reminder that someone actually cared about her - that there was a human that looked at her like she was everything they’ve been looking for in their life.

And it was everything she was looking for, too.

—  c.m.

August 2015


Finished the lines for Ginyuklok and the Preklok stuff. And then decided i can’t have a Ginyuklok without a Lord Charles, so bonus Freeza-Charles. 

7DaysofDethklok Days 6+7: Favorite scene and the future of MTL!

Finished the inks ;) God, the feels are strong man.

What do i want for the future of Metalocalypse? just. A FINAL SEASON. I NEED CLOSURE. I need Toki to be okay. I need all of these boys to be okay. I need Murderface to not be a traitor. I need Charles to still take care of his boys. I need to find out what the Metalocalypse is. I need to find out WHO THE FUCK SALACIA IS AND WHAT FALCONBACK IS.

GUYS. I JUST NEED A LOT OF THINGS. Brendon Small, PLEASE. Please get us Season 5. We’re counting on you. 

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