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Maybe it would be better to let him go. Maybe it would all be more bearable if you learned to watch from a distance, letting yourself feel but never allowing yourself to act. Maybe it would hurt less if you told him the truth before he figures it out on his own. But you don’t think about it like that. You don’t think in terms of yourself, of lessening your own pain, because he holds your hand and tells you he needs you, that it hurts when you aren’t there, and his pain was always so much more important than yours.
—  from an unfinished story #556
I’m an extreme. I extremely do everything. If I like you, I’ll love you. If you’re my friend, you’ll be my best friend. If you give up on me, my heart will break. If you try to make me smile, I’ll laugh. If I try to hurt you, I’ll find the nastiest way to do that. If I try to make you happy, I’ll blow your mind. If you annoying me, I’ll hate you. If I hate you , I’ll execute you a hundred times in my mind.
Be careful which road you’ll take with me … because I’ll always take you to the extreme.
—  dr-hamis 
there’s so much to see
so much to do
so much for me
so much for you
there’s so much to taste
so much to discover
take your time, don’t be in a haste
this place is like no other
there’s so much to explore
so much to learn
so spread your wings and soar
for it’s an adventure that you yearn
take a chance, get out, we all have to start somewhere
take a plane or a train or a boat or a ship
just as long as you get out there
the start of it all is at your fingertips
—  jennyjlo4 said: Something about how eager you are to travel the world discover new things experience languages and cultures
(cc, 2017)