ink bug

I’m not sure how many people have talked about, because I’ve LOOKED the best I can, but has anyone else pointed out the ink splatters at the holes in the wall?

Like, you first see it after Bendy peeks around the corner, before you get to the projector room to activate the ink flow.

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Day 30 of Inktober 2016 - Childhood AU with added glasses!Adrien :D


Anyway, so honestly, I’m really enjoying this childhood AU I’m messing around with. At one point, I saw that Oikawa’s gonna be showing up in the next ep of Haikyuu!! with glasses. And as far as I’m concerned, Oikawa is basically reverse-brown haired Adrien but with a bad attitude :P So I randomly thought, what if he got glasses when he grew up? :D

Dearest Firefly

There is disturbing swarm
surrounding my head,
not even to claim me as food,
but just to be a perturbation,
disturbing the peace.

There are flies buzzing
all around my ears,
and yet,
the one of such spectacular light
still eludes me. 

The bokeh envelopes it inside bright colors,
and I may be momentarily blinded,
but not distracted.  

I am never distracted.