ink bomb

I’m not sure you understand
what it feels like
to hold it in your mind that you are a damp match
and if you ever tried to strike yourself
into a flame
you’d simply smear yourself in muddy streaks
along whomever you’re trying to burn
then you’d be left with only half of yourself remaining
so instead you sit
quiet and still
not quite sleeping
waiting and wondering
if you’ll ever feel dry
or powerful or angry enough
to start a fire
and hoping that if you ever do in fact
you won’t explode all at once
like a firework
or a bomb
instead you’ll burn slow and steady
only ever as hot as everything else is cold
only warming when you need to
but formidable all the same
—  A.O.A.M. || Match

Day 3 of the @rupphirebomb : high school/college au. I did a redraw of one of my first human Rupphire pieces with cheerleader Ruby! Also did this for a monochromatic challenge on Instagram, hence the purple.

Look at the improvement, though! And the adorable close up!

Art by @msdanig-gem
Do not repost

I tried,
I tried so hard to be what you wanted,
What you needed.
Only now you’ve left do I understand,
It wasn’t your fault you didn’t love me.
We had our moment,
We had the chance to be happy,
And I blew it.
Just like I do everything.
I’m a walking time-bomb.
—  E.T // time-bomb