ink bomb

peaches are out of season,
but the cold air calls for tea.
it isn’t the same without the sticky sweet,
the flesh caught between teeth- 
it isn’t our love,
it isn’t.

but the flavor is reminiscent 
and if I close my eyes on an inhale 
I could nearly pretend,
go back in time before the pit.
except, the wounds are closed. 
you were only kind when steeping.

- I burnt my tongue on peach chai this morning || O.L.

Take your time to heal. We are still going to be here through whatever and whenever. We will never think of leaving you. We are a family. You are not alone in this battle. It wasn’t your fault, and nobody wanted that to happen. Stop blaming yourself. You deserve nothing but the best. The love of the world is greater than hatred and violence. That’s what your music taught all of us.
We will keep those beautiful and innocent angels in our prayers. We will pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and send them comfort. Our prayers could bring change to our hurting and broken world. We will keep on praying.
We need you to be strong and hold on. We are so excited to see you again with a big smile on your adorable face. We will wait for the time that you are completely healed and ready to inspire people through your God-given talent. We will wait to see the moonlight in your eyes again.
This world can be a dark place, but fear will never control us. Even after the worst storm, the sun will shine again. Better days are coming. Just hold on, everything’s gonna be alright.
—  E.J. Cenita, An Open Letter to Ariana Grande