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theswinginangel  asked:

"Oh,would you like more? I didn't really think you'd like them!" The angel bends down once again and kisses all over the tiny demons face. <3

Is this what Heaven is like.

anonymous asked:

Better call Alice "Tech Support", 'cause she can really turn Bendy off and on, if ya know what i'm sayin'.


anonymous asked:

What if the kids are people and the trolls are animals and Kanaya and Rose run the fabric store and instead of KK it's DJ. DJ STRIDER because it's BRO

gracie grace shows up one day (porrim) and rose and kanaya go through existential crisis (she gave kanaya a mold shirt and they went home and cried)

karkat works at the coffee shop and he’s always complaining about bro being there but he really doesn’t mind

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Love requires sacrifice, can I get an amen?...I SAID...CAN I GET AN AMEN?

This has nothing to do with you.