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It’s funny, isn’t it?” she said, smiling lightly. “I ignored him like he doesn’t exist. But, I am also craving for his attention. Damn, I am waiting to see him walking towards me and say hello. I wanted him to notice me. I wanted him to really look at me. To talk to me. I wanted to hear everything he’s going to say. I wanted him, more than anything else.” she realized, that no matter what she said, she’s always ending up with the same conclusion. As if she’s stuck in the same place all over again. As if she’s been hitting the same button, hoping it will change. With heavy sigh, she said, “Yet I just can’t. I just can’t be with him, when his heart already belongs to someone else.
—  ma.c.a // Wrong Arrow

I did quite a lot of Undertale AU chibis, so I split them between two posts. Here is the second post.

So yesterday I came home at 1 am and I had the sudden urge to practice Chibis :’D so I went to @pepper-mint‘s tumblr page and inhaled as much of her artstyle as possible to be able to draw cute drawings - and I’m surprised how well it worked out tbh. 

Dream belongs to @jokublog 

Ink belongs to @comyet / @myebi

PJ belongs to @7goodangel

Blue belongs to the undertale community

Error and Geno belong to @loverofpiggies