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I neglected this for the past 4 weeks (what it looked like then) so decided to put some time on it today. And after about 4h I think the ink stage is almost done, I need to decide on the contour (faint outline of circle in pencil). And, yes I’m building/creating as I go.

Note the two dragon open/close mouth opposition is loosely based of the guardian statue in Japanese temples.

I’m not sure I can salvage the ink smear, but I want to finish it anyway (finished not perfect). On the upside it’s removing a small amount of pressure from fear of messing up :P. I’ll get this shield design done.

India ink and dip pen with maru nib (soundtrack of today)

Well, I wanted to try something different for my last pin up of 2016 :)

Just want to wish you all Happy new year and may 2017 be filled with lots of art! I have really cool stuff prepared for this new year and I can’t wait to show it to you.

Peace! :)

He nearly shouts “because I love you.” But he catches himself, stumbles over his words, and mutters “because you’re my friend.”

It’s not what he wants to say. All the words that have been forming inside of him, everything that has been growing and building and spreading since he met her, it’s all crawling up his throat, pushing at his tongue, trying to force its way through his lips. The warmth in his chest, the flame that starting somewhere behind his sternum and spread across his ribcage like wildfire, it’s burning, making its way up into his mouth.

But he’s scared. He isn’t scared of much, but losing her is at the top of that very short list. And he’s still a child, really, and so is she, and while his love for his friend may be the thing he is most sure of in the world, it is also dangerous. It could burn down everything he’s built with her, and he can’t risk that.

So he swallows the flame and forces his tongue to mouth words that are only half-truths, and hates himself a little more every moment for not being brave enough to stop lying.
—  from an unfinished story #537 (Coming soon on my AO3!)

As far as traditional mediums go, I’ve always been rubbish with a brush. That being said, I think I found love in dip pens and drawing ink. This one was done for a musical side project of mine called LunaRift, and the drawing was used on album artwork as well as a poster.

Can you wait for me?”
“I’m not going to do that. I love you, okay? I do. But my life doesn’t get put on hold because you won’t let yourself be happy. I want to be happy, too. And I can’t do that if I spend the rest of my life waiting for you to forgive yourself.
—  from an unfinished story #547