ink and worn pages

Draco falling in love with a Ravenclaw would include:

• He finds her in the library, that first, winter swept afternoon
• Hair tucked behind her ears and her fingers tracing dried ink words on the time worn page of an overlarge book, her profile thrown against the floor in a stroke of sun mottled air and Draco -
• Draco catches his breath
• Looks at the table situated beneath the window again and spares a thought as to how he’s managed to never see her before
• Because she’s something of a sight, trapped in a paragraph between two worlds, her lips mouthing words that Draco desperately wants to hear and her gaze never altering from the page
• He doesn’t approach her that first day
• Or the second day, or the third
• He hides behind the dust mottled books on the shelves and he watches, observes, learns that she’s in his Arithmancy class and has stolen the top spot in class from both him and Granger more times than he can count
• He finds that she always carries a book around - beneath her arm or stowed away in her bag - that her arm is a quick fire answer to every Gordian question and she takes to twirling the end of her blue and silver striped tie around her finger when she’s nervous
• Draco watches and observes and falls in love, just slightly, with the pilfered snippets of obscure references in the Great Hall, with her laugh thats perennially hidden behind her hand, with the ink stains on her fingers and the stories stuck in her throat and it’s been nearly three weeks by the time he’s mustered up enough courage to step out from behind the shelves and sit across from her seat at the table
• She glances up
• Sets her quill aside
• Neat, cursive handwriting is sloping across the parchment between them
Homer is emblazoned on the spine of the nearest book
• Draco clears his throat
• A smile - like a fish hook around his gut - steals across her mouth
• “I’ve been wondering when you’d finally come over and talk to me,” she says

Muse (Namjoon/Jimin)

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Genre: Fluff - Alternate Universe: Librarian!Namjoon/, Artist!Jimin 

Words: 3.7K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: There are some things in life that possess a certain beauty unlike anything else one had ever seen before, a perfect image, an embodiment of heart, soul, desire, and fascination.

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Conflict Chapter 1

The sound of songbirds singing was what woke the super hero, he didn’t know what was worse: Being woken up by his alarm clock or the optimistic tweeting of joyous birds. Splendid was sore all over, while he was a super hero, a building collapsing on top of him still hurt like hell. He hadn’t broken anything, hadn’t even shed a single drop of blood, but he still ached and didn’t want to get out of bed. It was his day off from his normal job down at the news station and he had thought he’d be able to sleep in, but no such luck. He turned his head, his bright blue hair tussled from a restless sleep, still fluffy and looking a bit windswept. Blue eyes took in the light that filtered through the crack in his equally blue curtains, promising a nice spring day ahead of him.

When he first moved here years ago, such a sight would instantly brightened his day, called out to him to go flying in the nice weather. He assured himself he wasn’t depressed, he was just tired. Tired of trying to save people who got themselves into situations they could’ve easily prevented. So many people depended on him when all he really wanted to do was spend time doing things for himself. He wanted to not burn his cooking for once or have to put down his needle and thread every five minutes because he heard someone screaming. Everyone got to be carefree and do what they wanted, but not Splendid.

He pushed himself up into a sit, rubbing his eyes and feeling the fabric of his red mask rub comfortingly against his skin. He did like being a hero, it made him popular with the people, he liked being a star. Or so he thought. Being a beta was supposed to be easy, not swayed by alphas or omegas as strongly, he was fun loving, energetic. Sure, he was also clumsy, easily distracted and tended to kill the people he saved, on accident. It didn’t matter, wasn’t like most of them remembered his failures and they’d just come back the next day good as new. What really weighed on him was the fact he wasn’t just a regular Beta, he was a Delta, a sub-dynamic that meant he was a very dominant Beta.

He really hadn’t noticed any differences in himself until his twin had escaped whatever mirror hell he crawled out of. Splendont made him feel the need to prove himself, with Splendont being an alpha it was supposed to be set in stone that he was in every way better than Splendid. The blue squirrel couldn’t just sit down and let it happen, now saving people was a competition with his red headed twin. It was a fight he wasn’t really into, but when faced with such aggression and threat, Splendid couldn’t help but to puff up and fight back. Just thinking about that asshole was giving him a migraine, so he pushed himself out of bed and decided to get ready for the day.

Making breakfast always cheered him up, cooking was a hobby of his, distracting him from his troubling thoughts. Maybe today would be the day he could actually enjoy some personal time, though it was wishful thinking. It was only a matter of time until someone screamed and needed his help. Maybe he could ignore it for a day, let Splendont handle it since the anti-hero was so keen on showing him up. He could just stay at home and read, he could easily lose himself in a good adventure book. He’d have to go to the library again today, he needed to return the book and check out a new one.

As he sat down with his plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes, he lost himself in thought as he savored his perfectly cooked breakfast. Splendid had a lot of fans, his comics were a big hit, he was surrounded by people who wanted to be with him. And yet, depressingly enough, none of them were his friends. Not really surprising since being a super hero left little time to socialize and well Splendid couldn’t let anyone close in fear of them finding out his secret identity. He couldn’t do the traditional games the regular citizens did either, he always ended up killing them on accident. When he was having fun, he tended to get distracted and forget to temper his strength. The only one who wasn’t instantly killed by his strength was Splendont and his twin wasn’t exactly the type for socializing or playing fun games. Unless dropping a moon on Splendid was a new form of game.

Standing up now that he finished his breakfast and silent pondering, he put his dishes away in the dishwasher and began his daily routine of getting dressed. He liked looking fashionable, in a ruggedly handsome sort of way. His blue jumpsuit scent heavily of his confident,sandalwood scent that he was certain would make any lady, or man, swoon for him. He stood in front of the mirror, crisping his jumpsuits collar a little, giving himself a little confidence booster by admiring himself in the mirror. He made sure the side part in his hair was straight despite having his boyishly tussled hair, making him look charming.

He looked good, his suit was clean and patched up thanks to his amazing sewing skills. Even his red sneakers didn’t have a single scuff on them, he was finally ready to face the disaster of a town they called Happy Tree.

Picking up the book he checked out from the library, he tucked it into the from of his jumpsuit, having remembered after the hundreth time of ruining a book with his top speed flying that books were not as durable as Splendid. He didn’t plan on going top speed since the weather was nice out, but one never knew in the life of a super hero. After shutting and locking his door behind him, not that those thieving coon twins would dare break into his house, especially not after he completely destroyed their kryptonut. Which he didn’t want to think about it because he rarely ever died and he’d been unlucky enough to remember such a death unlike everyone else.

He drifted lazily up into the air, feeling a freedom that no one really got to experience, making him feel a bit special. This feeling of freedom often made him a bit lazy since he didn’t have to walk and he could get places quickly, making him impatient because the citizens had to walk and it was so slow. So it wasn’t a surprise that despite Splendid taking his time, he still ended up in front of the library in no time at all. When he landed with a bounce, he paid no attention to the small dents his feet made in the concrete, his mind already distracted about what book he should get next.

When he pushed open the door, he had to take a moment as usual to get himself situated. In any public building, there were so many scents and his mind was trying to process them all, finding out which were threats and which ones were more inviting. He didn’t study too long, just collecting himself to ignore them, being super in all his senses meant he could pick scent stronger than most, making things a bit more difficult.Mixing in with the array of various dynamic scents was the underlay of worn pages to freshly printed ink of the new releases. It was all very welcoming and comforting, not a lot of alphas came here, so it was relatively safe for Splendid who always seemed to showboat whenever alphas were around.

He already knew the path that would take him to to the fiction section, where the adventure novels were tucked away but something made him pause when he passed by a certain aisle. He glanced up at the nameplate on the end of the shelf which read ‘Self-Help’. He had been thinking about investigating this section the last few times he went to the library but he’d been too embarrassed and ashamed to turn down into the aisle. He was Splendid, he was great in every shape and form, why would he need any help? If someone saw him even, He knew his top fan often frequented the library, the omega Sniffles. The guy was a genius and looked up to Splendid, what would the boy think if he knew his idol was flawed?!

Splendid glanced around, making sure the coast was clear, seemed like no one was here this morning, or it was too early for any real social interaction. With no one in sight, Splendid steeled himself and quietly moved down the aisle, his blue eyes wide as he tried to take in all the books at once. There were so many, he didn’t really know what he was looking for exactly. Did they even have a self-help book on how to be, well, normal? He scanned the spines of the books, so many different sizes with varying titles. Then he spotted it, what he didn’t know what he was looking for. It was a book about how to make friends, as corny as that sounded. A real friend, not a fan or admirer, was something Splendid was missing out on.

He was about to reach for the book, his hand, clad in a red fingerless glove, was raised, just a couple more inches and his fingertips would touch the book that could provide him with the secrets of real friendship. And it was all ruined when a voice came from beside him, “Can I help you with something?”

Splendid choked on his own shriek, making an ungodly wheezing sound, it wasn’t often someone could sneak up on the super squirrel. But here he was, clinging to the top of the tall bookshelf, looking like a freaked out cat, his blue eyes wide as he stared down at the one who managed to catch him off guard. The only thing heroic about him right now was the amazing feet of jumping straight up and landing prone on the top of the book shelf. He took in the sight below him, of a short slight of a man who had the brightest Green hair, not like a neon color like Nutty’s but softer in hue. It looked soft and feathery, not really understanding why he was taking note of the guy’s hair but… it was really pretty, okay?

“I… I didn’t mean to scare you.” The voice came out, he didn’t sound like he lacked confidence but the soft and hesitant sound made it seem like he was just as surprised as he was from the super heroes reaction. Splendid lowered his gaze to lock eyes with the perp, for a brief moment blue eyes met green, the shade of fresh spring leaves, bright and they were pulling Splendid in. He gave a little mental shake, the reason why he was so interested was only because he’d never seen this person before and he knew everyone in Happy Tree and it wasn’t often they received new people. Seeing how he was looking completely ridiculous on top of the shelf, he cleared his throat and began to lower himself down, raking his fingers through his hair in a smooth movement, covering up his previous embarrassing moment by picking up the remains of his confidence.

When he finally landed on his feet, he got a good whiff of the other male, making his nostrils flare a little with interest. He’d definitely never caught this scent before, definitely omega but he couldn’t exactly pinpoint the scent, something flowery and soft. He hadn’t realized he’d leaned closer until the green haired male took a step back to regain some space. “Do you need any help?” The words snapped Splendid a bit out of his trace and he blinked and looked around as if just now realizing he was in a library. Not just in the library, but the Self Help section, he was caught red handed. He could play it off though, this guy was new, right? Which meant he didn’t know who Splendid was… Which was an odd feeling. He didn’t particularly like the idea of someone not knowing who he was of all people.

“I got lost.” He offered, a weak excuse, but he carried on before the other could think about questioning his logic especially when the aisles were labeled in plain sight. “Are you new here? I’ve never seen you around.” He looked down to further examine the shorter male before him, he was outfitted in loose army clothes, making him wonder if the omega had really been in the army or if he just like camo. While Splendid wasn’t one to judge nor was he in any position to do so, he just never heard of an omega in the W.A.R. before, not that he actually attended one. That had happened before he arrived.

“Yes, I just arrived yesterday in fact.I’m the new librarian.” Now that things seemed to have settled between them, the other seemed to be more at ease, making his quiet voice smoother. While he didn’t have the demand of an Alpha’s voice, he could make someone like Splendid listen in, it was unusual because Splendid rarely wasted time listening to problems of citizens that weren’t in physical danger. Splendid took initiative and took the new arrival’s hand in a quick shake, forgetting his strength momentarily. What was meant to be a friendly, eager shake, turned into a painful one as the omega winced and tried to politely pull away, a bit confused. Splendid frowned a little at the rejection, “Uh, well, I’m Splendid… The town’s super hero! I keep the town safe and secure. So if you ever find yourself in trouble, just call out my name.”

He placed his hands on his hips, oblivious to the fact the omega was still holding his injured hand to his chest. The green haired gave a strained smile, trying to remain polite towards the superhero who didn’t seem to notice the fact he likely fractured a few of the librarian’s bones in his hand. His soft and sweet scent didn’t change, didn’t express what he was feeling as the bear was used to suppressing the pain and so much more. Splendid was wrapped up in trying to impress the omega, feeling like he needed to since this guy was new and Splendid needed more than anything to make the right impression on… “My name is Flippy, its nice to meet you Splendid.”

“ i’m just tired these days… ” she explains to her company, gaze setting down to the notepad in hand. the pages worn and weathered, stained with ink from water droplets or lost coffee cups that had been knocked over. “ it’s just that time of year. or maybe its because i haven’t eaten anything but ramen for a straight week. ” a tired smile makes an appearance before fading, looking back up to them.

My ink stained fingers grasp at the fragile worn pages of the soliloquy that I have been writing for days

They grasp and cry out in some pathetic and desperate attempt to stop you from wrenching that draft,
That unfinished and imperfect piece of my heart, away from me

And your eyes are fire, all fury and vindication. They spit rage as though despite their having never seen these pages before them, they know what words inhabit them

I fear that your eyes will drop embers across those dry sheets and devour them forever and that I will not have the courage to write them again

And in an action that is part submission and part rebellion I let go and withdraw

You stumble backwards half a step at the shock of my not fighting you

Or so you think but I’m not fighting you physically I’m moving differently now with some kind of wisdom

I found it when you weren’t looking

And now
Rather than flail against you so we both become bruised and so my words become torn in the skirmish I will give them to you freely and it will not protect me and I don’t know what words can do to you, if anything

But at least my writing and my words are being read so that I can say I have said my piece

And you read what I was not finished creating and crafting to express myself

And your eyes crinkle and your mouth curves and I see contempt

And you attempt to tear my words apart and render them useless but in reading them you have made them impervious to such actions

So you settle for spitting on them and crumpling them into a ball to hurl at me before you leave

It bruises me in a way you don’t see

But at the very least I know I did all I could for you and me

And I wash the ink from my fingers and burn the pages and thus remove those words from me.

Open When You Can't Sleep

Inspired by this wonderful and heart wrenching post:

I kinda cheated and used this to knock out too birds with one stone.

Ellison, Angst, SFW



When Elise finds the letters she’s confused.  Sure, she kept hers but they’re at the bottom of a shoe box at the bottom of a cardboard box somewhere in Jeff’s apartment.  Not in an easily accessible drawer in the kitchen where anyone could stumble across them when hunting down a bottle opener.  Who does that?  Who leaves letters from an old cabin mate, sent after a summer of clumsy experimentation over ten years ago, just lying around within easy reach?  Unless Allison never pushed the feelings away the same way Elise did.  Unless that summer was just as important to Allison.

Fuck, she is too drunk for this and she still hasn't found the bottle opener.

The minute she steps foot into the craft room, she regrets it. She regrets following Allison here, she regrets finding the letters, she regrets coming back to Takota this summer.

She regrets leaving that summer, ignoring every instinct telling her to stay, ignoring her heart screaming at her to turn around.

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