ink and varnish

⭐️PROCESS WORK! 20-21⭐️

The step by step process of making pages 20-21 (warning: this is rather long💦).

Step 1. Watch Novaphyer’s no commentary Pacifist playthrough. Take important screenshots and notes in the form of step 2…

Step 2. Preliminary scripts, or “prelims”. Write everything that happens and make necessary improvisations if previously thought of (i.e. Frisk having dialogue).

Step 3. Final scripts. Before final scripts begin, I go through and budget out the number of pages each scene should take based on the number of pages allotted to the chapter. I have a lot of extra pages set aside in case the pages run over the limit. Then, the prelims are sorted through, pieces are removed and stitched together, and the final scripts and thumbnails are created.

Step 4: Layout sketch. I didn’t take any pictures of the earliest version, but the initial layout is just the boxes and words with vague outlines as to where everyone will go based on the thumbnails. Then I fill everything in.

Step 5. Inks. My least favorite part. I do like the end result though, when the pages are all crisp and clean and ready for colors.

Step 6. Colors. I fill in the figures first, then the backgrounds.

Step 7. Varnish work. I have to coat the pages in protective varnish to keep them from smudging each other. The varnish also adds a bit of waterproofing and makes the pages look and feel super neato.

AND THEN THEY’RE DONE! It’s always really rewarding to make it all the way through with this stuff. I can’t wait to make it to the end with ALL of it.

Anyway, yeah! Process work! I thought it’d be neat to show you guys the process.

Undertale created by Toby Fox
Artwork and adaptation created by George.