ink and pencil crayon

So today I got my tattoo done with one of my favourite lines of the song ‘Anything’ by Thomas Sanders ( @thatsthat24 ) what makes this tattoo so much more special to me is Thomas actually wrote the words especially my tattoo transfer!! I love him so much for participating in this special project!! I hope you love this addition as much as I do Thomas! 😍💙💜


My dad is the biggest fan of comic books + he reads a lot of (less exciting) books, so once in a while I make him some nerdy bookmarks. Done with makers/crayons/watercolor on pencil/ink… or something


Charles Burchfield aka Charles Ephraim Burchfield aka Charles E. Burchfield (American, 1893-1967, b. Ashtabula, OH, USA) - 1: Hilltop At High Noon, 1925 Oil on Cardboard  2: Insect Bush, 1917 Watercolors, Crayons, Ink and Pencil  3: Late August Sunset, 1916 Watercolors, Gouache over Graphite  4: Mid June, 1917 Watercolors on Paper mounted on Masonite  5: Orion In December, 1959 Watercolors, Pencil on Paper  6: Road And Sky, 1917 Watercolors, Ink and Gouache  7: Moonset, 1916 Watercolors on Paper