ink and glory

I am a god: I do not love, Apollo sneers
with his teeth bared against the dawn,
Not like this, selfless and desperate
and vulnerable
So be human tonight, Icarus pleas
back arched against the earth as
Apollo traces his unbruised neck,
gold smearing on skin,
the whisper of fingertips
ghosting along a pulse 
in another world, they meet every night
behind a faded neon bar when even the dead are sleeping
don’t you know we’re going to live forever baby,
Apollo grits out as he cleans the blood
off Icarus’s face, spits on his bruised knuckles
i’m a fucking martyr, Icarus hisses against
Apollo’s lips; for once, the gods are silent
as Icarus blows smoke into his lover’s mouth,
his bitter laugh the only sound
ringing at the end of the world
I will not catch you when you fall, Apollo warns
and I will not stop loving you, Icarus promises
he is still smiling when his back hits the water
and the waves crumble his burning wings to ash


Bendy: I do appreciate the sentimental offering though. Also I did use to be able to at least taste food before taking on this inky form.

An before any of you ask. No. it didn’t hurt pulling a hole open in my torso. You mortals seem to forget that demons are immortal. Inky or not.

Boris: *Continues to devour away the other cookie. His tail wagging like crazy.*

Bendy: *Glances over* Oh yeah. That’s another thing I should mention. Don’t feed Boris here too much sugar. He can go rampant on it. I think you humans call it… a uh… “Sugar rush”?

NARRATOR [FEMALE, MORTAL]: Question- is it better to be feared to be loved?

ARTEMIS: Loved? Nothing is worse than love. Nothing is better than love. 

CHORUS: Forgotten, then? 

ARTEMIS: (softly, looking up at the night sky) Never. 

(Aside) Humans are weak, but they are fearless. That is why they are stars: to burn, to collapse, to do it all over again.

—  excerpt from “Girl Talk” [c.p.]
Every Day I Write the Book

And so I write my life’s book
With each days age
I turn a new page
Maybe one day someone will take a look
At my inked story
In all its glory
Then as they read the scribbled lines
Of my life over time
Will they think oh how divine
Or would they curse
At recordings in prose and verse
Of bad decisions and rueful mistakes
That did my book a tragedy make
Yet as they read my self penned eulogy
I will offer no apology
It’s my life story from boy to man
For their views I don’t give a damn
Caring not for what they say
As all along I did it my way

The title is a song by the great Elvis Costello


Today’s characters are: Major Glory (Dexter’s Lab), Kragthar (Wander Over Yonder) and Him (Powerpuff Girls)

I know that Major Glory and the Justice Friends are just parody jokes but I always enjoyed their segments. Shame not many people remember them. // Kragthar is an odd character in WoY that I enjoy, tho’ that may be because I imagine him as a big buff dork who tries to play D&D with his fellow villain…none do, except Something the So-in-So. // Him is a very creepy character that I’m surprised got past the censors, well then again it was the 90s. Him easily makes my Top 12 animated villains list.

Tomorrow’s characters are: Rook (Ben 10: Omniverse), Box Ghost (Danny Phantom) and Aaarrgh (Trollhunters)


Qrow’s reaction to finding a tattoo of his emblem on your body

Relationship: Lovers

Fandom: RWBY

Character: Qrow

It was his emblem; big enough to fit on your left wrist. Normally hidden behind layers of bracelets not out of shame; never out of shame. You just enjoyed wearing bracelets. You never had shown him before, it hadn’t ever crossed your mind to bring it up to him; since time with Qrow always seemed too limited. You just wanted to spend enough time with him so you could have something to fall back on when he was away.

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i. realize that you will burn. out of all the pockets of the universe, you chose to find home in a pyre.

ii. that’s ok, you are human- it is your nature to combust and devour. but don’t blame the gods when your hands blacken and your wings crumble.

iii. are you prepared to collapse? more importantly, are you prepared to be the one left alive?

iv. your bones will never stop aching. your heart will never stop wanting to claim a piece of the sky for its own. again, you are only human.

v. again & again & again. remember that this cycle, this hunger for incandescence, this doomed love- it will be endless.

—  THE MORTAL’S GUIDE TO LOVING A STAR [c.p.] | for @waltermittie

I spend so much time disassociating myself from the difficulties of my life that it makes decisions near impossible. When thinking of a specific area of my life and trying to assess how I feel: am I happy with it, am I sad? I am completely at loss because I have no basis for comparison.

After you become an adult, nobody asks you: ‘well, how do you feel about this? How do you feel about that?’ so you forget to ask yourself that too. But generally I would probably say ‘meh,’ anyway. It started out as a way to manage my own expectations but became something bleak. And every once in a while, I am momentarily anxious that I succeeded in killing off every and all other feeling save for this very semi-existential anxiety, for the sake of pragmatism and productivity. And my weapon of choice was cynicism. On the positive side, it’s also a great shield against heartbreak; not admitting to having a heart.