ink & wash sketch

I saw a depressed man in McDonald’s in dark brown clothes leaning on the table, he was shaking. I felt so bad for him, his reality really shook me up, especially how everything was cheerful around him with bright colors and happy music. So, when I got home I had this big urge to draw what I saw and felt. My mentor at college was pleased with my sketch and right now I’m trying to make a painting of him.

I thought of sharing it here. I’ve been painting a lot at college, I started with landscapes first, but right now I’m struggling a bit with this piece. I’ve done a few sketches for different compositions and colors. I might even not choose one composition, but make a diptych or triptych out of this idea. We’ll see though!


Inktober Day 11 - Anne of Cleves

Anne was Henry VIII’s forth wife. It’s an understatement to say they didn’t quite hit it off. Anne was not impressed with Henry in the slightest, and Henry claimed to be repulsed by her.

She was smart, though. She agreed to an annulment, and when the marriage was dissolved she was given money, land, and the title Sister To The King.

Anne would be the longest lived of all Henry’s wives, surviving to see his daughter, Mary I, become queen.