ink & sweat

“The cure for anything is salt water -
Tears, sweat, or the sea.”
Baby, I wanna give you all three.
I’m full of feelings, can’t sit still,
I can pull you into
Waves around the world,
Early in the morning and
Last thing at night, and
Lazy afternoons spent rumpled sheets
And a coastal breeze.
Skin on skin on skin,
Or a flush under a heavy blanket
By burning driftwood,
With smoke in our eyes, our hearts,
And salt on our lips.
You’re a treat to my ills,
You taste like home.
—  IRL Love Letters: Long White Cloud
(Top quote by Karen Blixen, via @agirlnamedally )
I don’t know what it is about you. From the first day we met, I fell right into you. It is as if our souls want to be as close as possible, yet we are trapped in the tangles of unsaid words, and constantly falling on our own clumsy thoughts.

I can only hope someday we will meet again, so I can have the chance to stumble into you, and this time I could say it was not an accident.
—  Maybe if we opened up, our souls could touch. 

She told me I shouldn’t love someone like her, someone who carves their pain into their body and lets their thoughts fly from their mouth without a safety net.  I probably should have listened to her, but I thought she was hanging from the moon and I could catch her with my bare hands.  I didn’t think she would fall right through.

I told her I needed time to work on myself because if I didn’t there would be no me to work on.  She gave me the space I needed but three months later I gave up and went crawling back to the person I knew I wasn’t healthy enough to be with.  I didn’t realize until it was too late that I was infecting her with my illness. They don’t tell you in therapy that self hate is contagious.

She asked me why I never wrote anything about her and I told her I don’t know how to write about things that make me happy, but two months later I had six new poems and she had fifteen drunken voicemails begging for forgiveness.  Sometimes her name still slips for the tip of a bottle and I can’t help but remember her number.  She taught me that people aren’t always worth the wait, but I forget that the lesson applies for her too.

I was raised to believe that love is the only way to live. Love your friends, love your family, love yourself.  I was never told what to do if one of those things isn’t possible.  She made me hate myself when I wasn’t good enough to keep her, or good enough to be loyal to.  I learned to hate myself when I was made to feel worthless in my own home.  I grew to hate myself when the people surrounding me left when I got too sad.  I was raised to love yet taught to hate and my touch and words sometimes confuse one with the other.

He showed me how to love myself when he showed me how to be a friend.  He’s eleven hours away and he still answers the phone when I’m too scared to speak.  She showed me how to love myself when she showed me that there was a way out of my house and into hers.  She lives down the street but I’ve never felt farther away from all my troubles.

I have loved too hard.  Girls who I thought could save me from myself were seeking the same thing and we crashed into each other and shattered like glass.  Love should be gentle and wanted, not angry and forced.  I learned the difference between love and longing from people who were never meant to be lessons.  I do not love myself yet, but I can teach myself how.

—  More than one type of love -t.m.l

just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. repost & tag away!  PLEASE REPOST, DO NOT REBLOG.



01.     passion and excitement
02.     gratitude
03.     humility
04.     faith


01.   pure white
02.   earthy browns
03.   bright green


01.  the kind of dust that’s been undisturbed for centuries
02.  old parchment and ink
03.  the sweat of a day’s worth of hard work
04.  dirt and grass and signs of the trail


01.   the celestial record
02.   feathers
03.   a dull ceremonial sword
04.   the shepherd’s mantle


01.   excited, hands bunched up at his side, leaning forward
02.   a hand at his chin, curious, thinking 
03.   one fist clenched as he looks away; frustrated, helpless
04.   wrist crossed with that of his closest friend
05.   a hand on someone’s shoulder; presence and support


01.   the leavings of history; ancient walls and rooms and all that which told a once-story
02.   books which recorded much the same and more, knowledge both past and now
03.   open skies; filled with stars or painted with sunrise or just stretching an endless sea of clouds
04.   shows of faith, gratitude, and kindness; beacons of hope in a dark world
05.   the shepherd; the reconciliation of who is and who is seen to be; the boy versus the legend

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man, i really love the nordicks

i really fucking love the Nordicks Nordics

there’s Emil Steilsson, Lukas Bondevik,  and- 

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And- Math Ass Coaler , Bear Wall Oxensticks, and Tildo Vaginamoon. 

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