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I have had “Deliver us” stuck in my head aaaaaaaall day. Also, I take no credit for the background of this comic, all I did was add a watercolor paper texture to it, all credit goes to concept artist Paul Lasaine :)

Sweating Under a September Sun

this is good sweat
these are good footfalls
this is a good rhythm
these are good songs i’m playing
this is my beating heart
these are my swinging arms
this is a poetic thought
these are good, deep breaths i’m taking
i am flushed and filled with exhilaration
walking so close to Fall

Azuki Lynn


the pulp pressed— all nectar flows
the aril in fingers— the sun— in my mouth
amidst the manifold comes hazel, &
—arched vowels
i am— blooming to curses
i am— a discord of hallows

the sap runneth— to the ground
savored & yet— somehow spilled
how pitiable it is that we aren’t consumed
how pitiable it is that we cannot fill
he is— the thwarted decanter
he is— the harmonic hollow

will you not look after us? do you not
see how frail we’ve grown?
how my lips— do hunger
how his eyes— do glow—!

amidst the manifold comes hazel;
come choreographed pulses
punctuated ! pomace
in the grove.

“The cure for anything is salt water -
Tears, sweat, or the sea.”
Baby, I wanna give you all three.
I’m full of feelings, can’t sit still,
I can pull you into
Waves around the world,
Early in the morning and
Last thing at night, and
Lazy afternoons spent rumpled sheets
And a coastal breeze.
Skin on skin on skin,
Or a flush under a heavy blanket
By burning driftwood,
With smoke in our eyes, our hearts,
And salt on our lips.
You’re a treat to my ills,
You taste like home.
—  IRL Love Letters: Long White Cloud
(Top quote by Karen Blixen, via @agirlnamedally )

-My drawing for Inktober day 1-

Decided to be basic, and for the first day did an all ink drawing of Gene in a more realistic style! Let me tell you, this was a bit scary to work on as I’ve never worked on a realistic doodle with ink pens only XD PHEW

anonymous asked:

Alex learning how to help Kara deal with everything being so MUCH on Earth- how to ground her when she's overwhelmed, stuff like that. (Your writing of Kara is amazing btw)

part one (alex will be in part two sry)

it’s not that she’s scared of loud noises or that she can’t deal with them, that’s not it at all. she fights aliens with guns that sound like cannons and when she punches through the air, the boom makes her ears ring for a second. so, no, loud noises don’t upset her.

except when they’re unexpected.

at catco, people don’t yell. they certainly don’t yell at kara. except miss grant, but kara expects that. and, of course, during heated meetings but again, that’s to be expected.

so at ten to ten on a tuesday morning, kara doesn’t expect to have men shouting at one another in the small space in front of her desk, or for one of them to turn on her and yell with such force that his face is turning an unnatural puce.

she watches spittle hit her desk like it’s in slow motion, and falls back, in the face of the unfamiliar, on anything that all that is familiar.

“how can i help you?” she asks, voice bright and sweet and, she knows, the perfect customer service voice.

“you can get cat from whatever fucking den she’s crawled into and get her here,” he yells and kara knows that she’s in a meeting with her legal team downtown so that’s not possible. “ask her why she thinks she can afford to cut us, if she thinks she’s gonna be worth shit without me,”

“miss grant isn’t available at the moment,” she tells him firmly, because that’s the unofficial rule one of the office: cat doesn’t come when she’s called. she certainly doesn’t come when a puce faced man yells about losing the job he barely even worked for. “i can make an appointment for you,” she offers, and she jumps when he slams his hand down on the top of her desk and scatters her things.

“get her here. now.”

“i’ll make a call,” kara tells him, and buzzes through to security. “hi sean, can you send a team up to miss grant’s office?” the puce faced mans face twists and now, she thinks a little dazedly, he looks a bit like a prune, and he grabs the vase off her desk and smashes it into the glass door of cats office.

it’s loud - so loud - and kara thinks he’s going to stop there but the glass door didn’t smash, just the vase, and he grabs her telephone next and throws that too and kara jumps to her feet, backs away. cat never instructed her what to do in a moment like this: it’s work and he’s human, and when kara cuts out any response that might be to stop him, she isn’t left with very concrete responses.

but then he throws her paper clip bowl and that’s what makes the door shatter. three strikes, and the whole thing spiderwebs and then bursts and it’s so loud, seemingly endless, glass tinkling down like a waterfall.

james bursts out of the stairwell, stops dead when he sees the destruction, and then when he sees kara standing frozen he starts up again and grabs the man by the back of his shirt and slams him into a chair.

“kara, you okay?” james looks worried and she nods, turns, and walks into cat’s office and out onto the balcony. she waits, head lifted toward the sun. she doesn’t have to wait long - james stays to talk to security and then he quickly follows her.

“hey,” he murmurs and she shakes her hands out before turning to him. when she gets like this, alex has almost always been with her. or she’s been at home at least. and what she needs is to hug someone familiar, be somewhere familiar, and she steps toward him and hopes that he won’t turn her away because she’s about three seconds away from shutting down completely and, and she doesn’t, she doesn’t know what she would do if she shut down here at work. cry, probably, and end up getting fired when cat sees.

the fear must show on her face because james’s forehead crinkles and he steps close. “what’s wrong? did you lose your powers, did you get hurt?” he runs his fingers over her hands and wrists and then cups her face, drags his thumbs over her cheeks and wipes the glass dust on his jeans. he plucks a few larger pieces from her hair and kara squeezes her eyes shut and leans slowly, slowly, gently, forward to rest her forehead on his shoulder.


she keeps very still, a small part hoping he won’t push her away, but most of her wrapped up in hitting all the notes of familiarity she needs. his shirt is soft, he smells like james like sweat and ink and some sharp undertone of chemical she knows he uses for his home photo developing. he is warm and tall and - he lays a hand on her back, right between her shoulder blades and rubs carefully, and kara lets out a long shuddering breath.

“kara,” he murmurs, and she shakes her head a little. not yet. she’s not ready yet.

they stand there like that until james’s starts shifting, feet aching, and then kara pulls away. she still feels unsteady and her hands twist and she tugs at her fingers and james looks like he wants to pull her back to give her that little bit of comfort again but he obviously hears what kara hears, only a moment later, and lowers his hands.

“kiera…and my art director whom i pay exorbitant amounts of money to work not comfort.” cat tosses her handbag down on her couch, props her hands on her hips and glares at the door shattered on the floor like its destruction was its own fault and she expected better. “kiera, get someone in to take away the rest of the glass and replace it with that bulletproof version that doesn’t shatter no matter what you do to it. i want one with a supergirl guarantee.”

“a supergirl guarantee?” james asks, because kara doesn’t.

“that even she can’t break.”

“i don’t think that exists,” he points out, and cat shrugs.

“that’s kiera’s problem. what is kiera’s problem?”

“oh.” james frowns gently, not quite a glare because one doesn’t really glare at cat without fearing for ones job. but kars doesn’t mind - cat’s not being mean, not really. she can tell because cat takes a half step toward her before twisting back and away like she’s just stretching a little. “she was there when he broke your door, it was kind of upsetting.”

“she got scared?” cat translates, looking surprised. she narrows her eyes at kara and she can’t help it, her hands start to shake again and this is where the unexpected starts to unfurl: the loud noises had only been the start of it, now kara has no idea what is going to happen. she tries to calm herself and say that no matter what does happen, alex will be there for her and eliza and she’s had plenty of job offers, but that route of thinking doesn’t soothe and she thinks instead of her blanket at home and the hole she’s rubbed into the corner and the weird knitted pattern that resulted in strange knots at even spacing that she can roll between her fingers and,

“is the balcony helping?” cat asks her, and kara is surprised enough to meet her eyes. she nods. “stay there then. james, get some work and come back. i don’t pay you to stand around looking handsome.” he hesitates and cat arches an annoyed brow. “go, go.”

“i’ll be right back,” james promises her, and gives her hand a squeeze, and kara focuses on other points.

the colour of scotch directly across from her, cats heels tapping on the floor, the cushion cat pushes into her hands.

“i have issues with physical contact otherwise i would hug you myself,” cat tells her, then crinkles her nose. “well, maybe i wouldn’t,” she admits, and kara grins and huffs a small laugh. “do you need anything?”

kara shakes her head no. she’s pretty well versed in self soothing, and cat handed her a cushion with little bumps that she can run her fingers over. she’s good.

“hmm. even i won’t make you sit at a desk strewn with glass. you can leave early. make up for it by staying to midnight tomorrow, i have a call with australia i anticipate will take at least that long.” kara nods. cat looks her over. “you know, i’m surprised. after several past employees trying to kill me, i thought you were used to it.”

kara pulls out her phone and cat lets her, not commenting on the lack of reply. then her computer beeps a little and cat checks her daily calendar. she lets out a short, surprised laugh and folds her hand under her chin to press her mouth closed. her lips still curl upward though and she looks amused over at kara.

“ten am, get attacked by incompetent man. thank you for the alert, kiera.”


Uni-Reverse AU


This is the BATIM au that I’ve been working on!! It’s called the Uni-Reverse AU (if you didn’t catch the literal first words) and it’s where the universes in BATIM are reversed! The toons we know as Bendy, Boris, and Alice (and possibly even more) were part of a studio, Damien D. Studios, to be exact, to create “cartoons.” I say this in quotes because to toons, realism would be their version of cartoony. Basically, the cartoons would look live action to us.

The show they worked on centered around the boss of a company, whose name is Joey Drew. His right hand man was Henry Russell, who balances out his scheming ways. Joey is always coming up with completely out-of-the-box plans! Think of The Office when you try to picture the show, basically. Lots of humorous moments!

Instead of ink, they used blood (yes I know a touchy thing). Blood and ink have essentially switched roles—ink is a toon’s sweat and blood, while blood is used in writing and drawing and such. In order for this to work, some toons will have red in their designs, and the environment might have red as well.

In this AU, Bendy is an animator that used to work for Damien D. Studios/WackyView, and is invited back to the workshop upon request of Mr. D, the head of the studio. There, Bendy encounters the dark secrets similar to those found in the original game. The roles have switched, but the personalities remain, allowing for different types of reactions and interactions to unfold!
Special thanks to @squigglydigg for their Toon Henry AU inspiring me to create this AU!

also would this be considered an NSFW au

Back again. Bones above ground.
Wind chime fingers in my hair.
A quiet knife-tongue on my shoulder.

An ancient ruin. Your teeth the
twenty eight steps to the
broken temple.
Fuck you. Fuck me. Eat my
palm. Eat my offering.
Climb down. Climb back.

I don’t want to make sense to
anything, I just want to be the
stone you grind into powder.

Love, my violent myth, my
terrifying air.

Turn my water to wine. Eat
my heart out. Feed it to the sun.

Back again. Back again.
Unburied. Unburied and
pale. Dirt under my fingernails
because I like saving you.

Love, my angry body weeping.
Your sleeping mouth tattooed
on my sternum.
Love, my vicious secret.
Love, my hungry dream.

—  Caitlyn Siehl, Unburied