It’s been a busy beginning to this half of the year! I just completed a pretty big art contract (8 illustrations) and, just as I was about to settle down for studio work, I decided that it would be much better for my time, happiness, and overall wellbeing to continue practicing and studying as well as being apart of the art community online.

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Anyway, back to the art grind. Let’s do this :D Thank you so incredibly much for the continued support…you guys are absolutely amazing and I want to give back as much as I can to the community! 


Remarkable Black-Ink Tattoos 

if you want something with contrast, there is nothing better than a tattoo in good old BLACK. Yes it is good and old as our long history confirms that the pigment was used in some of the earliest findings of tattooed human skin. It is a classic so you can’t go wrong with this timeless non-color, but of course it needs a little help from a talented artist to get the right design inked on you. So I’ve selected a variety of tattooers with different art styles and printing techniques. via:llusion.scene360