injustice: gods among us'


The Joker trailer for the new ‘Injustice 2′ game! 

He looks like a perfect mix of Ledger and Leto. Which is to say incredibly sexy. I love it. 


Introducing Joker! 

Though killed by Superman, the Joker continues to haunt the lives of all those touched by his madness. By destroying Metropolis, he set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman. If he were alive to see the chaos he’d created, he would surely be smiling.


Injustice 2 Mobile - Pre-register Now for Catwoman! 

Consistently walking the line between hero and villain, this thieving feline’s motives and loyalties keep you guessing. Due to her unique passive ability, Catwoman gains better rewards on Operations Missions.

Aight but where’s Jason at tho?
—  Me every time DC releases anything