injustice: battle arena



And the final background from the main pack : the magical rooms ! 

Top above is the “Magical Training Room”, and just bellow is the “Magical Library”. 

These are places where the girls study and practice magic. It’s also there that all their magical stuff and items are stored : books, potions, crystals, and other things. Talia is very serious about how things should be ordered in here.

The princesses can access these room from their rehearsal studio, in the basement of the house, with a spell. We were aware we didn’t show this access path a lot on season 1, so in season 2 it’s been fixed and you’ll see more the princesses going in and out this room. ;)

The third room, is the Battle Arena, that Amaru can summon every time the girls need to fight in a place where they can go all out, without fear of hurting anyone by accident. (Crystal Magic can be destructive you know). 

Designs by Christophe Oliver, Benoit Maillochon and Vincent Rueda. Color by Sylvain Fabre, Céline Lorthiois and Damien Hausson.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I have two questions, 1 is black crystal magic forbidden? And if so why? 2 how does the Battle arena work? I do not understand it. Can people in it get hurt? And how do the twins and The princesses feel About The arena?

Hi. Black crystal magic IS forbidden, because it hurts people a lot. Both the caster and its victim. Using Black crystal magic makes you a little more evil each day, that’s why it’s so dangerous. 

Also, when someone is frozen in regular crystal, he’s just in stasis. And when unfrozen, aside from a little confusion (and some time lost), there’s no real harm. With Black Crystal however, it’s different as the Black crystal always hurt the one inside, even if only frozen for a very short time (usual consequences : confusion, memory loss, exaustion for a few hours). Some who was frozen in Black crystal for years ? It’s a big deal… and sometimes, people don’t recover from it. 

Black Crystal is also sharper and stronger than regular crystal, and only very strong casters (such as the royals families) are able to counter it. Regular ephedians aren’t a match. 

How, when and where did Gramorr, and the Twins, learn to use Black Magic ? That is still a mystery… 

Now, the Battle Arena. It’s a pocket dimension that Amaru is able to summon at will, bringing with him the people nearby. How does he do it ? It’s very mysterious. The main purpose for the Arena is to allow the princesses to fight with their full power without worrying of consequences : there are no civilians (usually) nor anything valuable (buildings, vehicules, etc) in the Arena. It’s very convenient to cast big spells like “Crystal Luxtra” or “Crystal Quinta”. People can get hurt normally however, the Arena don’t change anything. The Arena can also be used to “trap” monsters : Amaru can bring anyone in, but it’s harder to get out. That’s why the princesses prefer to fight inside the arena, while the twins don’t care. It’s a battlefield like any other, and they can teleport their way out as they want anyway.

The Drop Episode 7: EVO 2017 Wrap Up

The Drop Episode 7: EVO 2017 Wrap Up

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