A Bridge To Greater Understanding Spread

A spread inspired by Wonder Woman

The Amazons were given to Mankind by Zues to act as a bridge to greater understanding, and to help them find peace among themselves. This spread is designed to help us achieve a greater understanding of ourselves, personally, so that we may be that bridge of greater understanding to others.

The world is full of evil, as evident by the daily news. But, this spread was made in hopes that it will help us better understand the world by understanding ourselves, and also remind us to stand in the gap when no one else will. 

This, to me, means being woke. You see the injustices, the inequalities, the racism and division of the peoples in this world…

People are deserving, even if we think they are not. We must look past all of the injustices, all of the evil we witness, to continue forward - to be like Diana and do what we can, when we can. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

1. & 2. Bracelets of Submission

  • A reminder of an injustice you have endured, and how it has strengthened you. How can you reach a greater understanding from these experiences?

3. Lasso of Truth

  • A hard truth that you have hidden away from yourself that needs to be dealt with. Is there something holding you back from being courageous and keeping you from embracing your greater understanding?

4. Antiope’s Tiara

  • How to bear the burdens that come with greater understanding. Being woke isn’t a walk in the park. The more you understand, the more burdens you bear. How can you best deal with your greater understanding?

5. The Shield

  • How to do to shield yourself from negative influence. How can you keep all the negativity of the bad things happening in the world from throwing you in to despair?

6. The Sword

  • An action that can be taken to provide the peace you wish to see in the world. Where and how do you begin to do more than you are doing now? How can you be a bridge to greater understanding for others?

7. The God-Killer

  • A closer look at what it is you are truly fighting for. What are your convictions about peace and your greater understanding? Who would you be if you did not stand for what you believe in?

This spread is certainly not a call to arms, and by no means a call for violent acts. This spread is for shadow work and introspection. What you do with this spread is for your own musings and I do not take responsibility for any of your actions.

This is one of my original spreads. If you use this spread for any promotional services please credit me accordingly!

Creating Characters

Personally, I’m a firm believer that it’s the characters that make a story great. You can have the worst plot in the history of the universe, but if you have interesting characters, a reader can look past a boring plotline.

I am not a fan of listing off personality traits when you first start to create the character. I think it gives a very narrow definition of who the character is and doesn’t leave a lot of room for development and change.

To start, I come up with a simple phrase to describe their role in the story. Let’s say my character is Batman. I’d call him a “millionaire vigilante”.

Next, I think about where they come from. Where would the character have to come from in order to wind up in that place? Why would Batman become a vigilante? How did he become a millionaire? I would answer those questions. His wealthy parents were killed by a criminal, which left him with a strong opposition to crime and injustice.

Then, I fill in all of the holes in the story by asking myself more and more questions about the backstory. I add in an enormous amount of detail during this stage. Make the backstory as detailed as possible. Real people have detailed backstories and memories. The character should as well.

Next, I come up with a list of likes and dislikes. Now, I see people using a likes and dislikes list for food preferences and such. But, that is not what I mean here. Come up with a list of traits that they respect in other people. Come up with a list of traits they don’t like in other people. Keep their backstories in mind as you do this. Oftentimes, those would affect how they perceive the world and the people around them.

After this, I usually have a strong idea of who the character is, but they still do not have a voice. Every single person speaks in their own way. Some people try to be funny in every sentence while others are solemn. Some are quiet. Some never shut up. Think about the way they interact with people and hoe they’d want others to view them. Think about where they were raised and what sort of accent they’d have. Do they use slang? Are they loud? What type of sentence structure do they use? Are they precise or detailed? Do they exaggate? What about manneurism and body language? How does their communication change when their happy, sad, or angry? The more detail you put into this stage, the more unique dialogue and interactions you will get from the character.

After this point, I list off the traits. I make sure some of them are self-contradicting. It makes them more complex and, in turn, realistic.

Then, I try to take as many personality quizzes online as possible as the character.

Finally, I come up with the less important things like food preferences, favorite colors, and favorite animals, the more trivial aspects of a character. Still, creating them helps make a more realistic character.
Police officer who dragged nurse screaming from hospital over blood sample could face criminal charges
A detective may face criminal charges after he arrested a nurse who refused to take a blood sample from an unconscious patient during a stand-off that lasted several minutes, prosecutors say. Alex Wubbels told police officer Jeff Payne she could not comply with his order to take blood from the victim

What about the officers who witnessed him committing a crime, but chose to do nothing?

What about his superior who told him he was the one in the right even calling the hospital and reaffirming that ot was illegal blood test or arrest?

Look what happens when you try to file a complaint with the police. 

There is no such thing as a good cop. No such thing as a few bad apples…  we can say “could face criminal charges” all damned day, but in the end, the worst that happens is they get a long paid vacation until things blow over, and if things don’t blow over, they resign and start working for the next closest police department. 

Have you noticed how this case turned out to be more popular than any other where the black life was taken? This nurse hasn’t received any injuries. and white people still going crazy about this blatant injustice meanwhile they slept on all those videos where cops harrased the black ppl.


8-year-old Thomas grew out his hair for two years so that he could donate it to kids with cancer.

He probably went through some teasing or even bullying in the process, but is still willing to do it again! Bless his heart.

We can all be someone’s hero, a smile, a helping hand, a hug, a role model standing up for what is right , make a stand and raise your voice against injustice. We can all do our part to make this world a better place. Be someone’s hero…


young black sails  — jack rackham

And calico disappears. And my father’s business, that he inherited from his father, and his father’s father, begins to wither and die. And my father suffers the compound shame of financial failure seen through the eyes of his son, and descended into drink. I’d sit beside him as a boy at the Sunday service as he shouted at the pastor, at the altar - at anyone who would listen, really - at the injustice of it all. […] So, I set to work, determined to rebuild what had been taken away. I was thirteen years old, but I was determined. Until a man arrived at my door, claiming to hold debts belonging to my father, debts accumulated as my father drank, debts he claimed that now belonged to me, debts I could not possibly hope to repay. Debts over which this man would have seen me imprisoned. Imprisoned in a place where the debts would have been discharged only through hard labour, hard labour and no wages. Working at - wait for it - the production of textiles.

what newsies taught me

you are strong. don’t let someone push you down.

you are smart. seriously, your brain is so original and creative.

you are good. good does not mean nice. nice is boring. you have good coursing through every inch of your being.

you can. if you want it to happen, make it happen.

you leave a mark. even the smallest people have the longest shadow.

you are loved. no one is alone, i promise.

you should fight. fight for what’s right, fight for others, fight for yourself.

you are so important. literally everyone has such an important role. if we removed you, the whole world would fall apart.

you have a family. someone is willing to fight for you.

you are front page news. treat yourself as such.

we say how much we love this show but i don’t think we understand. this is a show telling us to fight for what we believe in. we crack jokes, we tell stories, but most of all we hear those words echo in our ears when we see injustice.

fight. because we all have something worth fighting for.

Even if X-Men Apocalypse is an over-crowded mixed bag with a bit too many plot threads, I will forever appreciate it for giving Magneto a satisfying arc conclusion for the reboot trilogy. I hate seeing Magneto written as an evil character; his best moments are when he’s working with Charles as the other side of the radical-activist coin and when he’s killing nazis and other such reactionaries. Magneto, a Holocaust victim, should NOT be recalibrating fascist ideology to seat mutants at the top – he should be militantly opposing injustice and domination in all its forms, by whatever means necessary.

anonymous asked:

Is Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff more likely to cry at a movie? I don't imagine a Gryffindor or Slytherin crying at movies

hufflepuffs would be the ones bawling over movies with a happy ending and nobody else gets it because ‘dude moana just saved te fiti and the rest of the ocean it’s happy why are you crying?’ ‘BECAUSE IT’S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!!’

ravenclaws cry at people baring their souls. characters who struggle to fit in, the ones who get bullied and ridiculed at school. anything about the fear of growing up and losing yourself will bring on the waterworks. like that scene in the breakfast club where brian’s talking about wanting to kill himself? damn gets me every time

gryffindors will cry at anything based on a true story. they’ll shed angry tears over the injustice of it all and the fact that this really happened. they can’t believe these people went through so much shit and it hurts that they can’t do anything about it. anything about the holocaust will see them locked in their room for a few hours

slytherins are most upset by the death of the hopeful. the friends and beloved characters who were so full of dreams and aspirations that they never got to fulfil. the people who never got to do everything they wanted. they’ll never admit it, but the fact that ellie and carl never got to go to paradise falls together kills them every time they watch it

                        INJUSTICE 2 SENTENCE STARTERS.

                                       all based off of intro quotes in versus matches.

  • “I’ve never met a bigger goodie-two-shoes.”
  • “Now, that look makes a statement.”
  • “You are no friend to me.”
  • “How did you get loose?”
  • “Don’t take this personally.”
  • “Pretending to be me will cost you.”
  • “We gonna be friends now?”
  • “Should I be intimidated?”
  • “Everyone has a weakness.”
  • “You’re in over your head.”
  • “Could you be any more melodramatic?”
  • “We have more in common than you think.”
  • “There’s no use talking to some people.”
  • “Well, this is gonna hurt.”
  • “You’re supposed to be dead.”
  • “What did you want to teach me?”
  • “You’d be wise to give up.”
  • “Your anger conceals your tears.”
  • “It’s not too late to walk away.”
  • “You’re too reckless.”
  • “Everyone is always so judgy.”
  • “You are dangerously deluded.”
  • “We’re not doing this anymore.”
  • “You ever gonna trust me a hundred percent?”
  • “C’mon, let’s go back to hitting each other.”
  • “You’re blind to what you’ve become.”
  • “You’re losing control.”
  • “Should I be concerned?”
  • “What do you want?”
  • “Let’s see if you bleed.”
  • “I will unbridle your anger!”
  • “Ever been buried alive?”
  • “I will break you in two.”
  • “You reek of paranoia.”
  • “There is no need for violence.”
  • “How else can a girl get your attention?”
  • “Your interest sounds more than professional.”
  • “We’re two sides of the same coin.”
  • “I took one life to save millions.”
  • “Chaos follows in your wake.”
  • “I don’t have time for this.”
  • “You are very funny.”
  • “Step aside, old man.”
  • “This is a hunt I’ve longed for.”
  • “You won’t joke once I have your tongue.”
  • “Should I be creeped out or flattered?”
  • “You got a problem with me?”
  • “I want answers.”
  • “I’ll go easy on you.”
  • “I’m not the enemy.”
  • “Just shut up and fight!”
  • “We were friends once.”
  • “I’m doing what needs to be done.”
  • “I need to know what you can do.”
  • “Hard to tell, but you look grumpy.”
  • “The hell do you think you’re doing?”
  • “Maybe consider a new line of work.”
  • “I go where the hunt takes me.”
  • “Finally, some big game!”
  • “Your arrogance is unbearable.”
  • “You can’t drag me into your fight.”
  • “Only a fool would trust you.”
  • “I’m not crazy, I’m enlightened!”
  • “I hope you brought more than insults.”
  • “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.”
  • “Are you stalking me?”

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